TrackMania 2020: Everything You Need To Know!

TrackMania Nations, one of the classic racing franchise of all time is back! Ubisoft Nadeo remakes the game all over again. The original version of the game was developed for the Electronic Sports World Cup and released for free in 2006. Ubisoft created a new version of the game, it has changed the outlook, name but the essence remains the same.

A glimpse from TrackMania

“TrackMania” has 17 previous release which tells how successful and famous it is. The stadium is the single sports environment in the game, but a classic one. TrackMania Nations or TrackMania Nations Forever is free but this version features a tiered business model.

A glimpse from TrackMania

At the low end, the game is free and offers solo or multiplayer experience on 25 tracks. The free version also lets players compete in regional leaderboards. Just when you thought it can’t get any better, there’s more! Ubisoft Nadeo promised that they will refresh tracks availability every three months. The Standard Access costs $9.99 a year which gives full access to track, replay, and skins editors and a “Track of the Day” selection. The Club Access at $29.99 a year lets players join online clubs for exclusive skins, tracks, and competitions, and opens participation in the Open Grand League to qualify for the Trackmania Grand League.

TrackMania 2020: A New Model Enters the Race

TrackMania’s image was always of a ‘madcap game’ with massive jumps or loops rather than the conventional racing game.

The game’s 2020 version is not much changed when it comes to playing model. It’s pretty much the same.

A glimpse from TrackMania

Ubisoft is planning for TrackMania 2 and 3, based upon the success of the first one. So get started with the first version of the new model! This will help you with the later version. UPLay and Epic Games Store has started offering the game from July 1.

If you are a huge gaming fan and getting bored in this lockdown, you should try out this legendary game.

Stay tuned and keep reading for more exciting updates!

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