Transformers: War for Cybertron – Netflix’s New Anime

The Transformers are back! Netflix is coming up with its version of the popular franchise. Under Polygon Picture’s banner, the Transformers are returning as an anime! While Netflix continues to expand its leg in the anime world. Under the title – Transformers: War for Cybertron our favorite known characters are returning with a bang.

So before we discuss what to expect to check out this official trailer:



The official release dates are yet to be declared but we do know the first part is to consist of 6 Episodes. With the classical anime runtime of 22 minutes, the show is expected to be tightly written. The Transformers movies have greatly derailed the story that’s for sure. The series will be darker than the movies as predicted from the trailer. The Arch-enemies Optimus-prime and Megatron may have battled before but this one is one seems to be the biggest.

The synopsis did read that the mighty Autobots may have to destroy their home planet in order to save it. Well, that pretty grim, the first part – “the Siege” is going to be on the largely unexplored planet of Cybertron. The previous version of Transformers has not been able to justify Cybertron much. Transformers – War for Cybertron will make the story more exciting.

Transformer’s Outlook:

Optimus Prime Vs Megatron from the game of the same name.

The new Transformer-like tone is sharper. Optimus Prime, the famous leader of the Autobots with red eyes is making me personally a little uneasy, but in a good way.

The war has split the world into two parts but the amazing thing is this time it doesn’t seem necessarily good vs bad. Megatron and Optimus have decided not to back down until the world is run on their terms. Megatron trying to use the source of life ‘All-spark’ to erase Autobots. On the other hand Optimus fighting to save his kind but in doing so he might have to destroy his home. So in all Transformers are in for a ride and us for a wilder one.

Transformer: War for Cybertron with a new take on our favorite characters with a three-part story Anime is a promised treat by Netflix Globally. Netflix constantly experimenting with new stuff may have hit a home-run this time. We are just waiting for Autobots to roll again.

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