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True Beauty Episode 13 – Check Out All Details!

True Beauty or Yeoshingangrim is a K-Drama from the Romantic Comedic genre. Also, in a stream of new shows coming along in the last two-three years, this especially stands out. Lee Shi-Eun and Yaongyi are successful in making a conventional story, interesting. However, the real challenging set of episodes are fast approaching in the build-up to the season finale.

While the first few episodes didn’t seem like packing a big punch, things are changing continuously. Fans are starting to take a liking to the show in the latest episodes and things are looking up.

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[Lee Soo Ho, Lim Ju Kyung, and Kang Soo Jin in True Beauty.]

When And Where Can We Watch True Beauty Episode Thirteen?

Unlike most of the K-dramas, this show doesn’t feature individual episode titles. Episode 13 will be airing for the first time on January 27, 2021.

tvN is the official local broadcasting partner for the show in South Korea. However, if you do want to stream the episodes, Rakuten Viki is an option. The streaming service might not be the most popular for the global audience but it’s a major platform in Korea and Japan.

Each episode is more than an hour-long, so fans need to invest quite a bit of time. However, if ratings over various criticism sites are taken seriously, it seems worth it.

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Plot of the show and a recap from True Beauty’s previous Episodes:-


In the previous episode of True Beauty, Joo-Heon steps away from his position after revealing to the public the truth about Se-Yeon’s demise. However, after recovering from their injuries, the reconciled Su-ho and Seo-jun visit Se-Yeon’s grave together.

Ju-Kyung starts enquiring about how long she can maintain her disguise and popularity as she keeps running into Hye-min at school. Also, she ranks at the top in an online beauty competition in which she is an unwilling winner.


After facing constant bullying and discrimination, because of her conventionally ugly face, a high school girl transforms herself into a gorgeous “goddess”. Also, she quickly becomes famous after mastering the art of using makeup learning through online tutorials.

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