Trump And Joe Biden’s Last Presidential Debate Will Have Their Mics Muted! Why!

The Presidential debate will be seeing the organizers muting the microphones of Donald Trump and Joe Biden to allow each candidate two minutes of time per segment, which is going to be uninterrupted. Some of the changes in the rules for the second debate, which is going to be the final debate to prevent a repeat of the chaotic scenes of the first by the Commission on the Presidential Debates.

Donald Trump has received heavy criticism from the moderator, Chris Wallace, and the political observers for repeatedly interrupting his opponent. After these changes were announced, the Trump campaign committed to attending the debate, regardless of the last-minute change in the rules from the biased Commission in their latest attempt to provide the advantage to their favored candidate.

The Presidential Debate
Image Source – CNBC

Trump And Joe Biden’s Last Presidential Debate: Will Have Their Mics Muted | Know Why

Immediately after the event, which was held last month in Cleveland, Ohio, the Commission made an announcement that it would look at the changes for the second debate, which ended up being canceled in the wake of the positive COVID-19 test of Mr Trump, when he refused to debate remotely.

Instead, he and Mr Biden held rival televised town hall events. The Commission said that it had determined that it is appropriate to adopt the measure intended to promote the adherence to agreed-upon rules and inappropriate to make the changes to the rules.

The debate scheduled for Thursday is going to take place in Nashville, Tennessee, and it will be moderated by Kristen Welker of NBC. It is going to be of a 90-minute length, and it will be divided into six segments of 15 minutes, and each of the candidates will be allowed to deliver their initial two minutes without interruption.

However, as said by the Commission, the open discussion part of each segment will not see a mute button used on the microphones. This clearly means that both of the candidates will still potentially be able to talk over the other after the initial two minutes.

The Presidential Debate
Image Source – CNBC

The first debate received universal criticism for the manner in which it was unfolded. From the start of the debate, Mr Trump interrupted Mr Biden, with the former vice president getting frustrated during the opening segment on the Supreme Court.

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As Mr. Trump talked over him, Mr Biden asked Mr. Trump, “Will you shut up, man?”

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