Trump Declares Victory In Election Prior To Official Announcement!

Voting for the United States Presidential Elections has closed, and the counting of total votes has begun in America. With this, the latter has proved that the battle for the seat of the United States President is not going to be an easy one for either of the candidate as the difference is very less. President Trump declared his victory prior to the election commission announcing or totally counting votes amidst the ballot-counting.

He called the election a fraud on the Americans and said that he would be going to the Supreme Court to cease any further counting immediately. This absurd announcement by Trump came at 2:30 am on Wednesday post his victory in the states of Florida, Texas, and Ohio, where Joe Biden has lost miserably. 

Donald Trump and Joe Biden
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Trump Declares Victory In Election Prior To Official Announcement

Even after the last-minute rallies and campaigns organized by Joe and his wife in Florida, they were not able to outshine Trump as Floridians did not vote for Biden. In his statement given from the White House, Donald Trump said that this is a fraud on the American public, this is an embarrassment to this country.

He also said that that they were getting ready to win this election, and frankly, they did win this election.

He said in his claim that his victory is confirmed in the major states of Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin. However, Joe Biden seems to have the upper hand here according to the in-mail ballot counting that has just begun for these places. Trump further demanded the closure of counting ballots, and he said that he does not want to see any ballot-counting post at 4 am. 

The legal clauses under which he will be doing this are not evident as of now. Nevertheless, Jen O’Malley Dillon, the democratic campaign manager, called the President’s claims as unprecedented, outrageous, and incorrect. 

He said that the counting is not going to stop; it will be continued until every duly vote is counted because that is what the laws that protect the constitutional right to vote of every American.

Donald Trump
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As neither of the candidates has reached the mark of 270 yet, the Association Press has refused to ascertain the victory of either. They said that his assertion of victory does not match the information and results currently available to the AP.

On the other hand, Biden asked his supporters “to keep the faith,” and they “are on the right track.”

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