Tsukiuta: The Animation Seasons 2 | Release Date, Cast

Tsukiuta is a Japanese character Cd series, which was written by Fujiwara. The series is about a collaboration of music, between Vocaloid producers and popular voice actors.

After some time, it becomes a media franchise having its animations, multiple stage plays, video games, manga anthologies. The rating given by IMDb is 6.2 stars out of 10 stars.

Tsukiuta: The Animation season 1st and season 2nd was released on July 06, 2016. Itsuro Kawasaki directed the first season, and Yukio Nishimoto produced the second season. The first season has 13 episodes.

Tsukiuta The Animation
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In the anime series Tsukiuta, the members of Six Gravity and Procellarum lives in the same dorm infrastructure. There are twelve men and twelve women. The oldest members of the Gravity are Hajime Mutsuki and Haru Yayoi.

They are also first-year students. The members come from Eastern Japan is of Six Gravity. And the members who come from Western Japan is of Procellarum. The Women belong to the units of Fluna and Seleas.


  • Toriumo Kousuke as Mutsuki Hajme
  • Kaji Yuki as Shiwasu Kakeru
  • Hosoya yoshimasa as Uduki Arata
  • Maeno Tomoaki as Yayoi Haru
  • KENN as Satsuki Aoi

Plot of Tsukiuta

The series is about Six Gravity, and Procellarum are the two male idol group. Six Gravity represents the period between December to May, and Procellarum represents the period between June to November.

In the series, we will follow the school life, living together, and the stresses they deal with in their day to day time.

Tsukiuta The Animation
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Release Date of Tsukiuta: The Animation

Previously it was announced that Tsukiuta: The Animation season 2nd will be released in 2019 but was rescheduled to April 2020. Then again,  on Monday, the franchise revealed that it was delayed in March 2, 2020, because of COVID-19.

According to rumors, if the situation of Coronavirus is balanced, then the official date of the premiere can be in July 2020. Previously, the second season of Tsukiuta was produced by Studio Pierrot. But after that, the production of the second season was transferred to Children’s Playground Entertainment.

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