TV News Starts To Turn Trump Show Off After Years Of Watching

The sight of Rudy Giuliani, President Trump’s personal attorney, throwing off hair dye and conspiracy theories yesterday in once humdrum daytime hours of TV, would not take long ago have proven to be a catnip that no television news outlet could resist. 

Many of them did it yesterday. Few of any of the TV news outlets of the nation aired a live press conference of Thursday from the legal team spearheading the efforts of the president to overturn the election. 

And the news channel which aired it, Fox News, followed it up with reporting from a White House Correspondent, Kristin Fisher, who noted, Well, that was certainly a colorful news conference from Giuliani, but it was just light on the facts. 

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So much of whatever he said was simply not true or has already been thrown out in the court. Tucker Carlson, a primetime host, told the viewers later that evening that he had invited another Trump attorney, Sidney Powell, to appear, but noted that she never sent us any evidence.

TV News Starts To Turn Trump Show Off After Years Of Watching

TV News has thrived in the era of Donald Trump, thanks to the norm-busting demeanor of the president and viewers’ intense need for information on the harsh effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News have seen ratings soar. Regular anchors on the news channels have become household names, winning podcasts and book deals, and frothy profiles in Elle, Vogue, and the New York Times. 

Even Walt Disney restored the venerable Nightline for a time to its original 11:30 spot. Delaying the broadcast of Jimmy Kimmel’s late-night program. Now, as the presidency of Joe looms, many of the television outlets are starting to be less deferential to the White House.

President Donald Trump was held to account in an NBC News by Savannah Guthrie town hall leading up to the election.

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Donald Trump
Image Source – Insider

CBS Evening News anchor Norah O’Donnel cautioned viewers in the wee hours of the morning that President Donald Trump was likely to make some of the remarks about the outcome of the election that had yet to be verified.

She said that they at CBS News are not projecting in this presidential race. They will not disfranchise the millions of voters in those battleground states and the hundreds of thousands of voters in Georgia who also have not had their votes counted.

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