Twisted Wonderland: Disney Steps Into The Anime Industry!

Twisted-Wonderland is a popular Japanese smartphone game. On March 18, 2020, the game was published in Japan for Android and iOS. And now there’s some exciting news for lovers of the twisted wonderland game and die-hard anime fans: a whole new anime based on the game is set to premiere soon. Even though the official announcement didn’t reveal much, the anticipation for it has reached new heights. Fans of anime and video games are excited.

When Will Be The Premiere Of Anime Twisted-Wonderland?

Disney’s official Twitter account announced on October 15, 2021, that an anime based on the game Twisted Wonderland would be released. Twisted Wonderland has a lot of potentials to be a Disney+ show and expand the company’s content offering in Japan, Asia, and throughout the world. It’s a logical move for Disney to develop an anime version. However, the specific production timeline has yet to be disclosed. It has left the fans to wait since it is unclear when the anime will premiere.


What Is The Plot Of The Game Twisted Wonderland?

In this game, you play as a protagonist, awoken in a place known as Twisted Wonderland. You find yourself ready to be enrolled in the prestigious magic training school after being released from a coffin by a noisy magic creature named Grim. During the dorm assignment ceremony, however, it is discovered that not only do you lack any magical abilities, but you are also from another world. Dire Crowley is the masked headmaster. He shelters you in Ramshackle Dorm while you figure things out. He compliments you on your ability to get people to work together and names you a Prefect.

Because you don’t have magic, you and Grim are enrolled together as a 2-for-1 offer! The headmaster assigns you a task and hands you a special camera that can capture memories. He entrusts it to you to keep track of your and your classmates’ life!
The player in Twisted Wonderland must collaborate with them to return to the original world. They need to figure out what secrets these students are keeping and who holds the villains’ souls.

How Did Fans React To The Announcement?

Following the announcement, fans’ reactions have been conflicting. Some are concerned about how the tale will be handled and question if it will be released before or after the Diasomnia chapter. ¬†Some people are looking forward to the release of Twisted Wonderland because they will be able to witness their favorite characters come to life. Fans are hoping for a completely new plot or, at the very least, a more fascinating one.

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More About Twisted Wonderland!

On March 18, 2020, the game was released in Japan, and it quickly surpassed 1.5 million downloads. In addition, a manga adaptation was made and released on March 18, 2021. As a result, the series can now entertain fans of all three formats: anime, manga, and video games.

Only the release announcement has had fans so enthusiastic; imagine what will happen once the anime twisted wonderland premieres.

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