Ukraine’s Mariupol : ‘We are being destroyed,’

Ukraine’s Mariupol : The Russian Forces are now trying to blockade the southeastern Ukrainian port city of Mariupol. Not only this but they also knocked out the water, heating supplies with a bombardment that is preventing residents from fleeing, water, local authorities said no on Thursday. It’s the second of the Russian invasion of Ukraine the port city is seeing some of the fiercest fightings with constant shelling for the past 24 hours, Mayor Vadym Boichenko said in a video broadcast.

Ukraine's Mariupol : No one is crying, maybe.
Are they alone? Source:

What is Ukrainian feeling? 

“Ukraine’s Mariupol remains under fire. Women, children and the elderly are suffering. We are being destroyed as a nation. This is genocide of the Ukrainian people,” the city’s council said in a statement.

This is something like we don’t know which fight of the last it should be compared to and see the traces. But in this fight for land and power, there is only one part of the country which is a loss- the people of the land!

Civilians are also fighting.
We wont cry. Source:

The part that people are working most about now is they have their families and relatives they haven’t heard anything from. Due to the power outage. Every family, every relative, every mother, every father is sacred about the other sitting in the lands of scare and distortion.

Ukraine's Mariupol : 'We are being destroyed,'
I hope the struggle is visible. Source:

What do people have to say?

“They are now in the very center of hostilities and I am far from them and cannot help,” said 30-year-old driver Dmitriy, who had traveled abroad for work just before war broke out, leaving his wife and young son in Mariupol. “I’ve not been able to reach them for around 24 hours,” he said by message. “We all lived a peaceful life, working, studying, making plans until life turned completely upside down.”

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