Ukrainian’s refugee: Berlin’s main train station!

Ukrainian refugee: We all know what is the condition of Ukrainian and Russia, especially their citizen. They are all are facing huge loss and pain, no grief can actually be compared to their pain right now.

We all hope that this all ends super soon, and we get back to our normal lives.

Where are people running to stay?

We are living in pain.
We all are in pain. Source:

Anastasia, a Ukrainian Refugee, said she hasn’t slept in 90 hours. It has taken her to flee to Berlin after Russian missiles started raining down on her hometown of Kharkiv.

It was scary because it was blowing out the windows of her flat. This artist didn’t give her last name in the fear of the repercussions for her family left behind. There are one or more than a thousand mainly women and children arriving in Germany Via Poland for refuge.

“We left our home the moment the planes shot at our community and the glass in our windows broke,” Anastasia said at Berlin’s main train station, before taking the last train of her odyssey to stay with relatives in Munich.

“We have no stuff, we have no money, we have no anything now,” she said,

We are alone in this fight.
No one was there for us! Source:

Adding she was afraid for the men of conscription age who were obliged to stay and help in the defense. However, a million refugees have already moved out from Ukraine into Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, and northern Romania since the start of the Russian invasion, according to the United Nations.

Are we humans scared of humans only?

With the steady flow of more than a thousand refugees in Germany, railway operator Deutsche Bahn offers refugees free travel.
Supportive each other, at the main station there are many volunteers saying which languages they speak seek to orientate refugees upon arrival.

It’s like old-time, do you recall the scene of 2015 when a million or maybe more than that person from the Middle East fled to Germany and Europe.

We will win.
We want it to end. Source:

It’s so ironic moment that humans are scared of humans, but there is still some human who want to help. One floor has transformed itself into a makeshift welcome center, there are so many volunteers who help the refugees in providing hot food, handing out warm clothes, providing children with toys to play with, and shoes.

There is a campaign going with the Donations collections for the Ukrainians. Berlin residents use Telegram to organize things and aid efforts. Some people are so beautiful by heart that they are holding signs offering settlers for a few days.

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