Netflix’s Holiday Movie Universe And Connections Unfolded

Netflix’s Holiday Movie Universe & Connections Explained!

Netflix’s Holiday movie universe has a bunch of connections and some of these are even partially-explained. In 2017, A Christmas Prince and Christmas Inheritance made a debut as Netflix originals on Netflix. However, the former two were just an initiation for a number of holiday-themed originals. It’s library now contains more than ten known movies in the Netflix Christmas Cinematic Universe (or NCCU). So far, these movies have referred to each other with easter eggs, references, and one cameo appearance.

Netflix is bringing with it a whole new world of Christmas fun as it has a ten films linked to each other. We wonder if the films are actually running in the same world. There is so much you need to know about Netflix’s Holiday movie universe.

‘To Tie Different Stories With Small Easter Eggs’:

Easter Eggs, a Netflix holiday movie  originally came into existence quite out of necessity. Last year, in a Twitter thread from Netflix’s official account, producer Amanda Phillips Atkins commented. She said there’s requirement for a movie playing on a TV in The Holiday Calendar and thought that A Christmas Prince was the perfect choice. Then Amanda Phillips Atkins who expressed on the Twitter thread said, “That one seed of an idea soon turned into a fun opportunity” and they planned how to tie different stories together with “small easter eggs from movie to movie.” Amanda Phillips Atkins has also produced several Hallmark Christmas films.

Connections Between The Films: 

What Netflix shared was an original tweet with an infographic. It explained the present connections between the films saying A Christmas Prince is on TV in both The Princess Switch and The Holiday Calendar. In The Knight Before Christmas we have Holiday in the Wild. Christmas Inheritance is on TV in both The Princess Switch as well as The Holiday Calendar. Aldovia country from A Christmas Prince finds it’s mention in The Knight Before Christmas and Belgravia country from The Princess Switch  has a reference in A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby. The tweet does not contain films released this year. Also, 2020’s The Princess Switch: Switched Again has a cameo from Christmas Prince that slit opens a plot hole right through the middle of the NCCU.

A flow chart explaining links between the movies of the universe. Image: The Tab

With a complex diagram on Twitter, Netflix explained its new Christmas romcom sequel The Princess Switch: Switched Again. It contains a scene in which Queen Amber (Rose McIver) and King Richard (Ben Lamb) from The Christmas Prince franchise can be seen in the audience at a coronation.

Netflix expressed how they hustled “to figure out how Amber and Richard could appear in The Princess Switch: Switched Again without creating a Netflix Holiday Movie Universe paradox”.

How Did The Netflix’s Holiday Movie Chain Start?

The chain of Easter eggs began when they had to show a movie within The Holiday Calendar. The movie starred Kat Graham and Quincy Brown. Producers selected 2017’s Christmas Inheritance and 2017’s A Christmas Prince, which were produced under the same production company – MPCA.

Christmas Inheritance on Netflix. Image: Popsugar

Netflix then began to give reference of the Christmas films among each other. This followed The Knight Before Christmas (2019), The Princess Switch (2018) and A Christmas Prince trilogy – all of which are based in different places.

Emmanuelle Chriqui’s character Madison in The Knight Before Christmas mentions that once the family went to Aldovia. The movie stars Vanessa Hudgens in role of a woman who helps a time-travelling knight return to the 14th century. A Christmas Prince is also set in Aldovia.

A Christmas Prince. Image: House Beautiful

A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby shows Aldovia very near  to Belgravia, which is where The Princess Switch is set.

‘Having Our Characters Watch Each Other On TV’ :

“We planned to branch out from just having our characters watch each other on TV,” Atkins added. “We thought it would be a great opportunity to build out a whole universe, not just for Aldovia but for the whole world of our Christmas movies!”

Netflix’s explanation comes after the release of The Princess Switch: Switched Again earlier this month. Here Hudgens plays baker Stacy DeNovo, Princess Margaret Delacourt and Lady Fiona – all of whom are doppelgängers.

Vanessa Hudgens in The Princess Switch. Image: E! Online

In the sequel, Margaret and Stacy swap again after Margaret inherits the throne to her home country of Montenaro. Meanwhile, Margaret’s sinister cousin Lady Fiona, a third look-a-like tries to rob the throne by disguising herself as Margaret.

Netflix’s other Christmas movies, such as The Christmas Chronicles, do not find their mention in the NCCU. The reason behind that is the production company that filmed all of the NCCU movies in association with Netflix. Motion Picture Corporation of America produced ten NCCU films. They were Christmas Inheritance, both Princess Switch films, three Christmas Prince films, The Knight Before Christmas, The Holiday Calendar, Holiday in the Wild, and Operation Christmas Drop.

It started with firm nods to other films that has turned into ardent assurance that the films exist in the Netflix’s Holiday movie universe. Though, it brings a doubt regarding why these films are appearing on TV in other films. Are all of the films actually documentaries or reality TV? Is everyone in the universe an actor? Netflix will probably sweep off any loopholes if it aims for a potential hit crossover between two of their popular Christmas series. A Christmas Prince star Rose McIver wants to make a crossover between the Christmas Prince series and another Netflix Christmas movie, but chances of there being a potential crossover have not yet been commented on by Netflix.

The Knight Before Christmas. Image: IMDb

Impact Of Closure On Netflix: Will They Slow Down? 

Netflix’s Christmas movies have immersed with massive success. Growth across all steaming platforms has been substantia this year (due to theatres closed because of Covid-19). Despite that, Netflix doesn’t seem to slow down the production of these lower-budget Hallmark-style films that require much small casts and crews than other projects like The Crown or The Witcher. Netflix has numerous holiday rom-coms confirmed to be on the way and much more sequels in the queue. Moreover, Netflix will certainly continue dropping easter eggs in its Christmas films – and likely more cameos, slowly paving path for a big crossover event.

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