Unhinged Ending: Russel Crowe Is A Maniac On The Road

Unhinged is a thriller released on the 16th of July originally in Germany, then on the 21st of August in the USA. This is one of the first wide-release post-pandemic. It is directed by Derrick Borte and stars our favorite Aussie Russel Crowe as a sexist-rage filled man who tries to harass a woman. The movie received mixed reviews from the audience and the critics and currently sits at 50% Rotten Tomatoes score. Let’s look at the ending and discuss what the movie as we felt was like.

Unhinged Plot:

Rachael, played by Carren Pistorius is a single mother with a little boy named Kyle. She’s was recently divorced and has to drive his son to school. Now, this where the absolute (pardon my language) shithousery begins. On her way to dropping Kyle at the school, they get stuck into traffic. The Traffic signal goes green, and still, the car in front of them doesn’t move, which made Rachael honk the horn several times. I mean yes, you would get frustrated if you are horned but this! Tom cooperates with the driver of the car after she drives by, chases her, and demands an apology for those behaviors, and she refuses. 

“At the Traffic signal”
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Now the fun begins. Tom is a maniac; he is Unhinged and has decided to exact revenge on Rachael. He further chases her to get an apology but was just able to steal her phone. Rachael loses him after several minutes of chase. She tries to call her friend Andy, a divorce attorney, for help, but things escalate even further when Tom kills Andy after looking at the meeting place in Rachael’s phone. This is a shocking change of tone. Russel Crowe goes from sexist to directly a murderer. But the harassment doesn’t stop.

Fred’s Burning:

 Tom then targets Rachael’s family as he becomes more and more determined to harass her. She had contacted the authorities, but it was of no use as Tom was as the title suggests-Unhinged. He goes to Rachael’s brother Fred’s house and attacks him and his girlfriend, Mary. In the process, he kills Mary and sets Fred on fire when he hears the police coming. He gets shot in the shoulder while escaping. The fate of the burning Fred was not revealed to Rachael till the very end.

Unhinged The Ending:

Rachael in Unhinged
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Rachael who is still on the highway from the run. Tom, after escaping the cops again, goes after Rachael and catches up with her. Rachael and Kyle are then chased till they reached Rachael’s mother’s house. Kyle was able to run inside and hide, but Rachael was attacked in the drive-way. Tom runs into the house to try and kill Kyle. This is somewhat thrilling, but I can’t understand how the director justified this as the ending. It feels as it was cut short of more subtle but exciting scenes

Tom tries to strangle Kyle after finding him and would have succeeded in doing so if Rachael had not come in. She grabs a pair of scissors and then takes all the courage inside her stabs Tom in the eye. The Unhinged man dies from this, but I don’t think he had any remorse. He indeed was insane. And that was it for the main story of the movie. We see in the final moments Rachael getting the news of the survival of Fred, and they went to see him in the Hospital.

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Russel Crowe going to burn Fred
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Unhinged: Conclusion/Review

On the way, another car passes them, and Rachael was about to horn at it but refrains from doing so. And as Kyle rightfully said and what I think would be wise for the creators of this movie – “Good Choice.” We really don’t want another such movie. Unhinged made so much buildup for a thrilling or dark sequence but failed to deliver the punch in the end. It was a waste of acting potential to be very honest. I really would have loved to see some more in Tom Cooper’s background. The death of the unimportant characters was a good indicator of something very big was about to come, but meh! The story stayed attached to the thriller aspect and ultimately failed in delivering that too. 

If you have nothing better to do, then try giving it a watch, for fun. But, if you expect a hardcore thrilling fun, you better just watch Silence Of The Lambs again.

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