Unknown Origins: Complete Detail Of The Detective/Superhero Mystery

Unknown Origins is a Netflix original – superhero/detective and serial killer drama. It’s a mutt! Also it’s Spanish by the way. It’s been brought to the screen by “It was bound to happen” Department and is released on the 103rd birthday of the great late Jack Kirby. Comic book movies and series are taking the small screen by storm as well—last year with Watchmen and this year the ending of Agents of shield. Let’s see how this new Spanish drama reviving the golden and silver age of comic books did differently than the other movies that came out. Executing such a story in 2 hours time is a difficult task.

It is a Spanish film directed by David Galán Galindo, written by David Galán Galindo and Fernando Navarro, based on Galindo’s novel of the same name, and starring Verónica Echegui, Leonardo Sbaraglia and Javier Rey. The film was released on August 28, 2020 on Netflix.

Unknown Origins: Plot

The basic premise of the show was a cop that runs into a building and tries to save an older women. Also, there are many other people still stuck in the building, so he goes back to rescue them, and we come to know the ceiling collapses on him. Cut to present – Cosme, the father of that cop and his son Jorge, lives together. The boy and his father have their life going pretty orthodox, and Jorge is not anything like his lineage. Cosme, who also is a detective is going to be retired while Jorge is upholding the fat-boy stereotype works in a comic book shop. 

Professor Novaros mask Courtesy: Netflix

Cosme is on his last legs and is about to retire. He is mentoring David, a complete opposite of Jorge, is a detective trying to decode a serial killer’s MO (who calls himself – Professor Novaro). Cosme mentors Valentin as they investigate gruesome crime scenes. Jorge, on the other hand, sees comic book stuff in the killings. First, he notices similarities with the hulk (the old grey one not the one we are familiar with). There another killing that involved an arms dealer and a man in an armoured suit and maybe for them they might be obvious but Jorge and us, you must be cavemen to notice that it’s the plot of Iron-man. Well it turns out Jorge was right, and he is brought in as an expert in the case.

Jorge And Valentine Dynamics in Unknown Origins:

As characters, Jorge and David and absolute opposites of each other. Jorge is a geek, while David is the complete opposite. The former is cheerful, friendly and funny, while David is very severe and curt. However, their bond becomes better the more they spend time with each other to solve the murder. It’s an excellent little character development, especially when Jorge tells David his fears about his future. David’s response will make your heart warm. It’s also nice that they included small snippets of the title characters’ backstories, however brief, in such a chaotic film.

Jorge and David on the promotional banner “Unknown Origins” Courtesy: Netflix

The Investigation:

So David Valentin and Jorge keeps up their banter and eventually becomes friendly jabs at each other. Bodies pile up, and it’s even more gruesome, and maybe there’s a tie here to Valentin’s tragic past, There is still a bunch of geek-stuff happening, and they are still nowhere near catching the killer. But which superhero story was in the making all this time by the killer? Take a guess… It’s Batman!

Javier Reya as David in the series Courtesy: Netflix

Bruguera, the forensic pathologist who came down to the police station to check the bodies, was himself a superhero nerd. He was the one who planned all of it and even tried making David into batman. He let him believe he killed his parents and tried to push him to become vigilant. So that heroes story could be reenacted.

Unknown Origins Ending:

Bruguera, the pathologist, is the psychopath that we came to know but not the protagonists of the story. Bruguera, in the end, burns his face and identity and runs away. The heroes think that he is disappeared. Three months passed and they believe that he is gone until they discover that he never sent that radiation report to intelligence but instead solved the case himself. At least that what he lead them to believe. 

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He left them clues that lead them to Victor Vid’s mansion where they found what they thought was the killers lair. Like every superhero movie, they believe they have hit the jackpot. The detectives decides to use this lair to continue on their crusade. This is the point where they started thinking they were superheroes themselves, and this is where the story ends. Pretty ambiguous ending and felt it left us with, truly Unknown Origins.

“The Trio”


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