Unsolved Mysteries on Netflix: How’s It Different From The Classic Series?

Unsolved Mysteries‘ is an American mystery documentary television show. It basically uses a documentary format to showcase real-life stories. The stories are normally conspiracy theories and unsolved crimes. There are unexplained paranormal phenomena too. The show’s fifteenth season released on Netflix which has six brand new episodes.

Unsolved Mysteries: Original Theme

To begin with, in 1987, Robert Stack played a perfect host of the “Unsolved Mysteries”. He not only did reenactments with the actors but also kept viewers engaged due to his apposite voice and intact narration.

The Original Season
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The variety of stories included from abductions to murders. Followed by the reunification of families, and paranormal stuff like ghosts and UFOs. Every week two of these stories were narrated and people got intrigued in the episodes. After that, the series was rebooted many times. But its format and networks had to undergo many changes.

Netflix’s Reboot: What’s so Different?

Unsolved Mysteries the current rebooted version is bound to be somewhat different. The main reason is the death of Stack, who was closely associated with the brand. Also, he was a great narrator and was well accepted by the audience. The brand is nearly three decades old and hence the audience’s expectations are much.

Stack’s voice is irreplaceable so the creator decided to give people a chance to tell their stories themselves. Thus the host or narrator factor is missing if we compare this to the original series. This updated storytelling is more like a true-crime documentary style.

Netflix’s Unsolved Mysteries Revival
Source: Netflix

The new version has also dumped the dramatic reenactments which were quite appealing during Stack’s time. Apart from this, all the six episodes which are released are based on the same content that is murder mysteries. The paranormal stuff which included the ghost stories or the abnormal UFO stories is missing.

Thus, without a doubt, the diversity of topics in storytelling has reduced in the 15th season. Let us hope for the next set of episodes to roll out on Netflix soon.

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