Updates about Justice League, predictions about the director, characters.

2017 superhero movie Justice League didn’t perform well in cinema as Warner Bros’ were expecting, with collecting $658 million worldwide. The haphazard collection was indeed less than that of 4 years older movie ‘Man of Steel’.

Losing their expectation caused vast changes in the upcoming release of Justice League movies.

The tentative date of release for the Justice League was June 14, 2019. But the script and storyline were changed as Zack Snyder is unable to director Justice League 2. This all together was an awestruck moment for every fan, delaying the project and shifting the release date.

But according to the current situation, the movie might release in 2022, with settling cast or introducing necessary characters.

Which characters can we expect?

The leading characters including Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Cyborg are confirmed including Shazam one of the recent members of the Justice League.

Rumors are Justice League will have 2 new characters Martian Manhunter as joining with the main Justice League team and as the villain, Darkseid remains the name.

With this, the appearance of Lex Luthor and Slade “Deathstroke” Wilson is expected.

What about the Director?

As the plan, Jack Snyder was the director of the upcoming movies, but as he suffered from the personal tragedy he dropped himself up at the post-production of Justice League. Joss Whedon was merely brought to complete the remaining.

Through The Hollywood Reporter, Snyder told, he had taken a break from making high budget movies, instead work on a more minor project like The Last Photograph, a thriller Afghanistan set he had been developing before he had taken Man of Steel.

Considering Joss Whedon, he had also worked in the movie Batgirl as writer-director, he makes himself a reasonable choice.

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