Upgrade: STEM’s Truth Revealed, Ending Explained

What will happen if Artificial Intelligence takes complete control over our minds? Ever thought about that. The movie we’re going to discuss today will give us the answers to some extent. Upgrade is a sci-fi thriller film. The ending of the film made its viewers very confused. The movie starts with a typical sci-fi plotline, but it progresses, it takes a turn to a revengeful style.

Here we have opened up the movie to clear the ending for everyone. Continue reading this post to understand the end at last finally. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Plot Summary of Upgrade

Throughout its screenplay, Upgrade revolves around Grey Trace in the near future. After meeting with an accident, Grey and his wife, Asha, a group of four goons, attacks them. They killed Asha and shot Grey in his neck.

This severed his spinal cord, which left all his limbs paralyzed. After several months, Grey returns from the hospital and starts to live with his mother. Eron Keen, tech innovator, visits him and asks him to get a STEM implant. Eron designed STEM, a high-potential chip that would help Grey to walk again. After implanting STEM in Grey’s spinal cord, Eron makes Grey to sign a non-disclosure agreement. This agreement required Grey to pretend to be paralyzed.

After STEM implant, Grey was able to walk.
Image: IMDb

While watching a drone video of the night of the accident, Grey learns that STEM can talk to him in his mind. It urges to help him and identifies one of the killers as Serk. Grey invades Serk’s house and learns about his biomechanical up-gradation. But Serk arrives back home and attacks Grey. As Serk overpowered Grey, STEM asks him to take full control of his body. After giving it the access, he quickly overpowers Serk and kills him.

One by one, Grey, with his Upgrade, kills all the assailants. But he later discovers that they were mere puppets. Someone else pulled their strings.

Why Were Grey and Asha Attacked?

Grey finds another killer, namely Tolan, at the bar, who tells him the name of their leader, Fisk, and also hints that Asha’s company pulled the trigger. Before this incident, Eron warns Grey not to expose STEM. But even after his warning, he went on to kill Tolan. While leaving the bar, Grey stumbles, and STEM warns him that Eron is shutting it down, which will paralyze Grey.

Guided by STEM, Grey reaches a hacker nearby. When they reach the hacker’s place, STEM shuts down, and Grey paralyzes again. Meanwhile, Fisk reached the bar and managed to get Grey’s whereabouts through Tolan’s eyes memory (Don’t be surprised; Fisk and his partners are upgraded). The hacker manages to remove STEM’s input guard just before Fisk arrives.

Now, STEM has free control of Grey’s body. It uses Grey to drive to Fisk, only to learn that the main target was Grey and not Asha. Their only aim was to paralyze Grey. After killing Fisk, his phone messages reveal that Eron planned all the events.

When Grey reached Eron’s house, he confessed that STEM planned everything, and it chose Grey to become a human. STEM again takes full control of Grey’s body and kills Eron. In an attempt to regain his control over his body, Grey fights and manages to shoot himself.

He then wakes up in a hospital and faces Asha. She tells her that he has been unconscious for days after the accident. But soon we get another SHOCK. In an attempt to regain control over his body, Grey enters a psychological state where he is stuck with Asha and is living a fantasy. This gave STEM full control over his body and mind.

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