Upload: Reasons Why The Show Shouldn’t Have A Season 2

American science fiction comedy web television show, “Upload,” premiered on May 1, 2020, on Prime Video. Created by Greg Daniels, the show stars Robbie Amell and Andy Allo in lead roles. The makers in May itself have renewed the show for a second season.

It’s the year 2033 where humans can now ‘upload’ themselves into a virtual afterlife of their own choice. When Nathan, a computer programmer, dies, he is uploaded to a Lake View, but soon he finds himself under the thumb of his real-life girlfriend, Ingrid.

On the way to adjust in his newfound life, Nathan bonds with Nora, who is his Angel, living customer service rep.

Nora develops feelings for Nathan while struggling with her job, father’s demise, and his resistance to being uploaded. She also believes that Nathan was murdered.

Amazon Original: Upload

Even though Upload is a huge hit, we think the show shouldn’t be renewed for a new season because of some inappropriate portrayal of certain things.

The process of uploading yourself on the system requires trimming your head off using a scanner. To portray this, a few scenes include showing the head of a man blowing..like literally! Another scene once again shows a man’s head blown off into pieces.

These scenes are too graphic to watch and could have been avoided.

A still from Upload

Many viewers also commented that they felt like they were captivated after watching Upload. It felt as if they were in a different kind of heaven, one they didn’t hope for. It seems like it might just be nothing or perhaps a little too much of something for them.

Upload is a dark and mystery show. Overall the show is a good kind of different. However, some of its offensive and manipulative scenes might not be everyone’s cup of tea.

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