Us (2019 Film): Did Adelaide Saved Her Family?

After Get Out, Jordan Peele gave us another head-scratching film, ‘Us.’ Get Out was full of puzzle pieces mixed in a box, and so is ‘Us.’ With all its shocking revelations, this movie is creepy and leaves us thinking about what happened in the end. Here we have the ending of ‘Us’ explained. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Plot Summary of Us

Us is about a woman, Adelaide, and her family. As the film starts, we get a flashback of Adelaide’s childhood. We see her wandering at the funhouse, and she encounters her doppelganger in the hall of mirrors.

Her childhood memories haunt the now-adult Adelaide at the funhouse. When she goes on a vacation with her husband, Gabe Wilson, their children, Zora and Jason, and the Tyler family, four people break into the Wilson’s house. The four, dressed in red, attacks them, and they turn out to be the Wilsons’ doppelgangers. They call themselves the Tethered. The film then follows the cat and mouse chase between them.

The doppelgangers or the Tethered of the Wilson family.
Image: IMDb

What Happens In The End?

While the doppelgangers abducted the Wilsons, the Tyler family’s Tethered murdered their counterparts. The Wilsons killed two of their Tethered and also killed the Tylers’ doubles. The Wilsons learn that they were not the only ones who were attacked by the Tethered. The Tethered are murdering their significant other across the whole nation. While trying to escape from the Tylers’ house in their car, Umbrae, Zora’s double, attacks them but also gets killed.

At the Santa Cruz boardwalk, Red, Adelaide’s double, abducts Jason and takes her to the funhouse. While following Red, Adelaide discovers a secret tunnel in the hall of mirrors, which leads to a secret underground facility. Red tells her the truth about the facility and also explains that Tethered are clones to control their counterparts above, by the government. But they stopped the experiment and abandoned the Tethered in the facility. Then Red and Adelaide get into a fight, and Adelaide overcome red and kills her. Then she rescues Jason trapped in the locker and drives away with her family in the ambulance.

Red is Adelaide and Adelaide is Red!
Image: IMDb

But then Jordan Peele gives the biggest shock in Us. While driving away in the ambulance, Adelaide recalls the night of her childhood when she met Red for the first time. She remembers that they got into a fight leaving Adelaide unconscious. Red takes her to the underground facility, and then she took her place in the above world. This means that the Adelaide we see throughout the movie is Red, and Red is the real Adelaide!

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