Uzaki Chan Wants To Hang Out Episode 4: Are Sakurai and Uzaki Dating?

Uzaki Chan Wants To Hang Out Episode 4 is just around the corner. This post has everything you need to know about the anime’s next episode.

Uzaki Chan Wants to hang out Episode 4: Release Date

Anime’s next episode is all set to land on Friday, 31 July 200, at 9:30 PM JST. As we know, every new episode gets released on Friday.

Watch the preview below!


Many girls visit the restaurant just to see Sakurai but he is not interested in them. Aima gets jealous of all the girls who try to gets Sakurai’s attention. Aima gets distracted from work and eventually gets scolding from her boss. Her boss warns her to be careful in her work or he will fire her. She apologizes and proceeds further. Meanwhile, Uzaki comes to the restaurant and greets everyone.

Sakurai asks why Uzaki is here and if she doesn’t have anything to do. Aima also wonders who is talking to her dad and Sakurai. Aima’s dad welcome Uzaki and then she realizes that she knows Uzaki. Sakurai introduces Uzaki to Aima and says that she is a sophomore at their college.

Uzaki Chan Wants To Hang Out Episode 4

Uzaki talks about the game she game to Sakurai on his request. Aima thinks they are very good friends as they give each other their stuff. Aima thinks that there is something between the two of them as Uzaki is cute. They both talked about how Sakurai does his loner things.

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Sakurai caught a cold and was not feeling well. So he goes to Uzaki’s apartment to treat himself and she gave him food. She tries to feed him but Sakurai says that he is capable of eating by himself. Later Uzaki massages Sakurai and her chest touche Sakurai’s back and he screams. The next day Sakurai gets better and he spends more time with Uzaki.

More details will be revealed very soon. Until then, stay tuned and keep reading!





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