Uzumaki Anime Adaptation Releases Soon!

Uzumaki is a seinen horror manga series written and illustrated by Junji Ito. The manga ran from 1998 to 1999 and had a total of 3 volumes. The manga started gaining popularity in the horror genre. And, along with horror, the series also covered genres like dark fantasy and supernatural. The success of the manga also led to a live-action film, which came out in 2000. Moreover, the manga was also adapted into two video games.

The deep and dark storyline of the series takes its audience on an unusual journey. And, it makes sure to creep you out throughout the series. Moreover, it introduces us to some amazing characters. Some of which grow more interesting as the story proceeds. In all, it keeps you hooked up till the end.

Over a year has passed since Uzumaki’s teaser debuted, and it remains the only glimpse of animation released. Now, after a long time, it has officially confirmed the release of the series. Scroll down to check out the release date of the series.

Uzumaki- Shuichi’s father studies a spiral

Release Date

In August 2019, Adult Swim’s anime programming block, Toonami, announced a miniseries adaptation of Junji Ito’s acclaimed manga, Uzumaki. This four-part horror series was slated to debut sometime in 2020. However, Toonami recently revealed that the COVID-19 pandemic had delayed production. Hence pushing the release date to 2021.

No fixed date has been confirmed yet. But, don’t worry, as soon as any confirmed news/date is out, you’ll be the first one to know. Also, the anime will be produced entirely in black and white. 

You can stream the anime on Adult Swim and Crunchyroll.

Check out the official teaser trailer of the series here.


Also, check out this video, which shows Junji Ito talking about his manga Uzumaki’s upcoming anime.


About Uzumaki

Uzumaki tells the story of the citizens of Kurouzu-Cho, a fictional city plagued by a supernatural curse involving spirals. Uzumaki’s story originated when Ito attempted to write a story about people living in a very long terraced house. He was inspired to use a spiral shape to achieve the desired length.

Ito believes Uzumaki’s horror is effective due to its subversion of symbols that are positively portrayed in Japanese media and its theme of protagonists struggling against a mysterious force stronger than themselves.

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