Virgin River Season 2 Ending Explained: Shocking Finale Cliffhanger

After dropping her husband in a tragic vehicle crash, a nurse practitioner from LA, Melinda “Mel” Monroe (Alexandra Breckenridge), strikes to the very quaint Virgin River for a sparkling start. The eponymous sequence follows the many ups and downs she faces in the small and tight-knit community. At the forefront are her new buddy and subsequent love interest, Jack (Martin Henderson), her employer, Vernon “Doc” Mullins (Tim Matheson), and the mayor of the town, Hope McCrea (Annette O’Toole).

By the give-up of season 1, Mel has more often than not hooked up herself as a necessary phase of the neighborhood and is slowly discovering her footing in life. But there are a few incidents that turn her lifestyle upside down, and she has to determine what it is she needs for herself. Season two delves into these nuances, and you can locate out extra about it here. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Virgin River Season two Recap

Season two opens with Mel, at Mark’s grave, putting forward her love for him. But she does head again to Virgin River to entire the the rest of her contract with Doc. Jack and Charmaine, each run into her at the office. Although Jack is mad at Mel for ghosting him initially, she apologizes, and they figure out to remain friends. Mel is nonetheless coping with her husband’s loss of life and does no longer have the power to take a hazard on Jack simply yet. It turns out that Charmaine’s being pregnant is tricky as she is recognized with hyperemesis gravidarum (HG) due to her extreme morning sickness.

Obviously, she does no longer prefer the nurse practitioner treating her. However, given that Mel is the solely individual in city who has ride with such pregnancies, Charmaine agrees. Moreover, they later locate out that she is absolutely carrying twins. Although Jack is going to guide her, no count what, this information does shake him up a bit. In different romantic news, Hope and Doc get again collectively and make their relationship public solely a few episodes into the season.


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Apart from this, Ricky starts offevolved falling for Lizzie, Connie’s niece. However, this once in a while leads to him shirking his obligations at work, something that Jack and Preacher take be aware of. Back at the bar, Jack and Brady get into a heated argument, following which the latter quits and in the end joins forces with Calvin, who runs the neighborhood drug operation. Paige’s abusive ex-husband has tracked Christopher and her down and desires to take them again to Florida. When the sufferer rejects this “offer,” they get into an altercation, and she pushes him down the stairs, by accident killing him.
Preacher tells Paige to depart city and continue to be totally off the grid; he can cope with the rest. Apart from this, George is employed to work as a waiter at the bar. But unbeknownst to Jack, he is virtually one of Calvin’s guys and ends up giving meals poisoning to the many customers. Furthermore, given that Mel is attacked via one of Calvin’s guys in the season’s pilot, Jack takes it upon himself to deliver the complete operation down. Long story short, Brady and Jimmy essentially abduct Jack from Spencer’s trailer and deliver him in the front of Calvin.

Jack asks the place Spencer is, to which Brady responds by using pronouncing that “he did what he had to do.” Calvin lets the protagonist go, however solely after telling him to remain away from the operation or pay for it with his life. Charmaine is taking into consideration transferring to Portland with her household and the twins, however Jack doesn’t recognize this yet. In fact, he is planning on shopping for a residence for his youngsters as well. Mel asks Charmaine to speak to him as soon as so that his emotions are now not hurt. Jamie gives Preacher a threat to work at a high-end restaurant.

Virgin River Season 2 Ending

Doc proposes to Hope all over again, however she questions his loyalty when you consider that there is a voicemail on his cellphone from Muriel asking him to meet her at a hotel. On the different facet of town, Mel professes her love for Jack, and the two get lower back together. In the collection finale, love is truely in the air as Doc tells Hope that he had their engagement ring reset, which is why he was once in talks with Muriel. He had genuinely taken their acquaintance to lunch as a thank you. She consents to marry him again, and Doc suggests making the wedding ceremony festivities big, even although they by no means acquired divorced in the first place.

At the bar, Preacher suggests investing in the commercial enterprise so that he can grow to be a partner, however Jack doesn’t desire to break their friendship due to the fact of work. Post this, Preacher calls up Jamie and accepts the job provide up in San Francisco. Connie talks to Preacher about the “Wes situation.” He tells her that the former cop was once soiled and that there’s a warrant out for his arrest; he must be in the clear. When Jack suggests up at Charmaine’s, she finds out that he is shopping for a residence for the twins.
She kisses Jack, however they combat about their romantic predicament, and he states that they had been in no way going to stay collectively anyway. Charmaine claims that the man she sooner or later marries will be the twins’ father, leaving him shocked. To assist Jack out, Mel decides to look into the Spencer case on her own. Brady meets her in a far off place and factors her to the grave. A man with a putting resemblance to Wes walks into the bar however introduces himself as Vince, Wes’ twin brother.

He asks Preacher about Michelle/Paige, and he feigns lack of expertise about the complete situation. But Vince tells Preacher to knock off the act and let Michelle recognize that he is coming for her. Jack suggests up at Mel’s, and she suggests him Spencer’s proof-of-life video. It turns out that Brady did now not go thru with the murder; he drove Spencer and his household to the bus station so that they should go to LA. Ricky indicates up at Connie’s to provide a chocolate cake to Lizzie; she establishes that their love story is like ‘Romeo and Juliet.’
Mike calls Jack and lets him recognize that Spencer has divulged the truth. Calvin was once transporting money in hole logs to Mexico in alternate for 1/2 a million greenbacks well worth of Fentanyl each week. The cartel would pass the capsules in animal feed grant trucks, which is why Calvin used to be after Lily’s farm. Moreover, Brady is additionally arrested.

Sally, a buddy of Paige’s, suggests up at Preacher’s dwelling and tells him that Vince observed out the victim’s cellular variety and left her a harrowing message. Christopher comes out and hugs Preacher, asking him to remain with him. Preacher agrees. On the different aspect of town, Doc is about to expose some pertinent statistics about his fitness however is interrupted by way of a shock party. Mel suggests up at the bar solely to locate that Jack has been stabbed.

Jack’s Fate

It is most probable that Calvin has made right on his chance and despatched one of his guys to injure Jack. After all, the veteran is the primary motive why the whole drug operation receives busted in the first place, mainly considering Spencer is supporting him. Calvin goes from making hundreds of thousands due to the fact of his Fentanyl company to now being arrested. Why wouldn’t the drug lord desire some retribution? Mel finds Jack, mendacity on the ground of the bar, blanketed in blood.
He has been stabbed in his abdomen, and she calls for assist immediately. Since she is a trained nurse and has labored in an ER in LA for a couple of years, she will most in all likelihood be in a position to shop Jack’s life. (Plus, there’s the apparent plot comfort of now not letting a protagonist die). So no, we don’t assume that Jack will perish. However, it additionally doesn’t imply that Jack will be up and jogging as quickly as his therapy ends.

Firstly, he is already scuffling with PTSD from the war, and the stabbing is greater than probable to screw with his psyche even more. Although a bodily handicap does no longer appear befitting, the emotional repercussions of the tournament will be deeply ingrained in him. Due to this, Jack may also sense as although he won’t be capable to shield his twins. But we additionally assume that Mel will maintain his hand thru all this and actually nurse him lower back to health.
The silver lining of this deadly stabbing ought to be that Jack subsequently offers with his alcoholism. Owing to his PTSD and the guilt he feels for the dying of his comrades, Jack is frequently considered rendezvousing with alcohol. However, considering that Mel will most probable be in cost of his healing, she might also simply get him to cope with stress in a more healthy way.

Will Charmaine Go to Portland?

Throughout the season, there is this bizarre anxiety between Charmaine and Mel, specially due to the fact that the former blames the nurse for her breakup with Jack. But when it comes to extra extreme issues, such as the a number issues of pregnancy, the two female have as a substitute sincere and heartfelt conversations. If Jack weren’t in the picture, they would possibly have been exceptional friends. It is why we can’t assist however experience that Charmaine will finally pack her baggage and relocate.

Now, you may additionally be hesitant to take delivery of this argument, however do let us justify the rationale. When Charmaine tells Jack that she will marry the father of her twins, she is of course indignant about the blended alerts that she is getting from him. It simply looks to be an exaggeration of her emotions. However, Jack does verify that he has in no way lead her on, which is true. While Charmaine’s emotions are no longer invalid, she does have a penchant for studying into a moment. Jack doesn’t provide her false hope about getting returned together. Even when he presents her the puppy, he mentions that the animal should assist her emotionally.

Lastly, he iterates that the residence is for the twins due to the fact that there truly isn’t any house for them to stay conveniently at the bar. In season 1, Charmaine tells Jack that she is nonetheless in love with him. While he guarantees to guide her and the twins, he by no means says it back. So she depends on a lot of “could be’s” to justify her scenario with Jack. She is the one who assumes that they will stay collectively in the house. Charmaine is the one who receives upset each time Mel’s title is taken, even if she initiates the conversation. Moreover, she is totally conscious that Jack loves the nurse.

Now, with season two having ended the way it did, there is a excessive chance that Mel will be Jack’s major caregiver. It isn’t that Charmaine wouldn’t desire to assist out, however she is pregnant and has her personal set of fitness issues. Since there have been civil and pretty deep conversations between the ladies in the past, the solely hassle that Charmaine really has with Mel is that the nurse renders her very own fantasies incomplete.

But we suppose that when Charmaine sees Mel upward thrust to the occasion, she will no longer harbor any resentment. In fact, if the hairdresser actually loves Jack, she will see that Mel is the first-rate element for him. This, in our opinion, will instantaneous her to let the blissful couple be. After giving delivery and permitting Jack to meet his children, Charmaine ought to very nicely go to Portland. After all, they can continually work out an association that would no longer separate the twins from their father. Plus, Charmaine, too, should in the end pass on.

What About Preacher?

Things are certainly getting serious if Paige (or Michelle, then again you prefer to refer to her) has despatched Christopher to stay with Preacher. Time and again, the mother’s love and subject for her son have been made extraordinarily clear. She is even a fugitive in the eyes of the regulation due to the fact she ran away with Christopher, who was once underneath the custody of the abusive ex-partner. (On one occasion, Wes had even hit his son). Preacher is searching ahead to a new chapter in his existence by means of accepting Jamie’s offer.
We suppose that the most secure guess for him will be to cross to San Francisco with Christopher. Fresh begins are quintessential in ‘Virgin River,’ and what may want to be higher for each of them? The baby will get to meet new humans and develop up in a first-rate town the place his abusive father’s shadow is no longer lingering. At the identical time, Preacher will get the probability to similarly his profession and be a excellent parental parent for Christopher. Plus, if someday, Paige had been to return, she should expect a new identification in the large city.

Virgin River Season 2 is currently streaming on Netflix with an IMDb rating of 7.5/10 and for us, it’s a must-watch. If you too are into Romance, Drama and some action Virgin River has it all in store for you.

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