Netflix renews Virgin River less than a month after its Season 2 premiere! The show’s stars credit it to high ratings.

The series is created around the plot of a collection of novels under the same title by Robyn Carr. 22 Virgin River novel publications have come out since 2007! Wow… those are too many.

Netflix Queue brought the news into in an adorable video featuring Virgin River stars Alexandra Breckenridge and Martin Henderson, who date in the show. The video starts with actors thanking fans and explain that their loyalty is the sole reason for the renewal of the show.

All the major characters of season two will return. Zibby Allen and Stacey Farber will also tag along. Allen will play Jack’s sister, while Farber will play Lilly’s daughter.

When will Virgin River Season 3 Release?

The series’ showrunners have set a pattern of starting production on each season almost immediately after the one before, resulting in the release of Virgin River’s second season less than a year after the first.

If this pattern continues, and assuming that production on the third season really did start back in August—excluding any COVID-related delays—then fans can expect to see the new season arrive on Netflix in late 2021.

Season 3 will probably recommence from Season 2’s cliffhanger, where Jack (Henderson) was left bleeding out after a near-fatal injury.

What’s the Plot for Virgin River Season 3?

Season 2 ends with a huge cliffhanger leaving fans on the edge of their seats. Mel finds Jack shot in his bar. In season 3 we are bound to find out if Jack will survive his injury.
Showrunners, Sue Tenney comments that the question of who shot Jack could drag on for several seasons. Hence, Season 3 is doubtful to provide us with an answer.

It will also be clarified what is behind Doc’s mysterious diagnosis. According to Tenney, the diagnosis will cause problems for Doc in his relationship with Hope and in his work.

And to add on, there will be a larger time jump between seasons 2 and 3.


Jack Sheridan and Mel Monroe in Virgin River.
Source: Netflix

Will There Be Happy Ending For Jack And Mel?

Jack and Mel confess their love for each other at the ending of season 2. Season 3 will answer the question of whether the two will start a relationship if Jack survives. Mel actress Alexandra Breckenridge is also hoping for a happy ending for Jack and Mel. Fans hope that too!

Let’s hope that we get to see Virgin River season 3 on Netflix by the end of 2021. That’s the best-case scenario for this series. It’s not unusual for a gap of about a year or more in between new seasons of any Netflix works, which will most likely be the case for Virgin River season 3.