Wakefield: Is It Worth A Watch? Know What We Think About It.

Wakefield: Is It Worth A Watch?

Bryan Cranston as Howard
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‘Wakefield’ is a classic drama film based on the short story, Wakefield by E.L Doctorow. The film is renowned due to the great performance by its protagonist Howard, played by Bryan Cranston. The film also witnesses a strong performance by Jennifer Garner. Embrace yourself on a short journey about the plot, characters, and the essence of the film.

Plot of Wakefield

Howard, a well-to-do lawyer by profession lives in New York City accompanied by his wife and two daughters. He has been married to his wife, Diana for fifteen years and things have not been really smooth in their married life. One day, after returning from his monotonous workplace something strange happens with him. He spots a raccoon entering his garage, which is adjacent yet detached from his house.

Following the raccoon, he reaches to his garage’s attic. When he looks out it occurs to him that he has an outstanding view of his house from this attic. An unusual yet funny thought pings his mind. He decides to keep a watch on his wife and daughters’ activities covertly instead of returning home. Due to certain circumstances, his strange attic hobby gets extended to many months and even seasons. During this course of time, he acts funnily, strangely, resentful, and goes into deep retrospection then followed by introspection.

Did he really love her?

Seeing Diana busy in her household chores as if nothing had happened, makes Howard insecure. He starts to ponder that Diana feels she got married to a wrong man. The story’s flashback reveals that Howard had acquired his relation with Diana by manipulation. Diana dated Dirk who was a close friend to Howard. He wooed her and just took her away from Dirk by dishonesty, based on his sheer competitive nature. He has vague thoughts that he never really loved her.

Why does he return?

Wakefield portrays the sudden disappearance of Howard from his family, but after the passage of a few months, he changes his mind. He gets anxious about seeing how his family doesn’t miss him like he expected them to do. He also feels like a prisoner trapped in the attic by choice and wishes to free himself from this stealthy lifestyle. Moreover, he discovers that Diana has started dating Dirk, and its finally apposite time he shows up at his home and faces his family.


The Ambiguous Ending

A scene from Wakefield
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Howard gets rid of his shabby look and becomes a dapper man for his homecoming. He has two scenarios planned in his mind for how his family will reflect on his return. One of the possible outcomes can be the horror and sudden shock on their faces to finally see him after so many months. The other one includes their ecstatic behavior where they are overwhelmed with joy to see him. The movie Wakefield ends abruptly leaving the audience in obscure thoughts of what exactly happens when Howard returns home.

So, overall, ‘Wakefield‘ is a wholesome drama with a pinch of funny elements added in the right amount. I would suggest you definitely watch it for a lighthearted and beautiful experience.

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