Wano Arc – What is Marco’s significance? Let’s know

Stepping in the finale of Wano Arc, a few white beard pirates are joining in the fight happening in the Wano Country. Their main aim is to overthrow Orochi, the Shogun of Wano. To achieve this, the group has to win against Kaido’s Beast Pirates, who back Shogun. Amidst the deal, Marco The Pheonix has made his entry into the scene.

This has left fans excited and wondering about Marco. Let’s find out about him!

Who’s Marco in Wano Arc?

Marco is the former captain of the White Beard Pirates. He took this position after the demise of Edward Newgate (White Beard) in the Marineford War. Marco headed the last retaliation war against Blackbeard, after which the crew broke up. Now a medical doctor, Marco, lives in the town of Edward Newgate. The current events reveal how Nekomamushi contacts him to become a friend to get his help in taking down Kaido.

What are Marco’s characteristics?

The White Beard Pirates was first revealed to the audience in Marineford Arc. Marines captured Ace for execution while the White Beard tried to save him on the other hand. This led to Marco’s power reveal. He has eaten the Tori Tori no Mi, Model: Phoenix, which is a mythical zoan that makes him turn into a large blue flamed phoenix.

Marco from Wano Arc IMAGE: Pinterest

Marco also has a unique talent of flying, which is unusual to Zoan Users. Ability to recover from any damage, Marco can use Busoshoku, and Kenbunshoku Haki as he was successful in kicking the Logia uses like Kizaru and Aokiji. Marco was the second in order alongside the first division of Whitebeard Pirates and Edward Newgate.

What is the relation between Marco and The Wano Country Arc?

Marco stepped in the Wano Country because of his personal reasons. First being, his history with Kozuki Oden. In a flashback sequence, the fans saw Oden making an association with the White Beard pirates. Following this, Oden was seen with a young Marco. After the exchange with Roger Pirates, Oden’s transfer was made to the team of Gol D. Roger. Since Marco knows about the events that took place in the Oden Family due to Kaido, he wants to help in the overthrow.

The involvement of Straw Hat Luffy also plays a crucial role here. Since Luffy is the younger brother of Ace, Marco has a very deep connection with him. This motivates Marco to make an appearance even when he has already retired.


Who is the Mysterious Shadow in Wano Arc?

During One Piece 984, Marco joins the Minks at the back of Onigashima but doesn’t actually join the team. Instead, he goes down to know more about a mysterious shadow he saw in the sea. There are still a few pieces amiss in the Wano Country Arc. Beast Pirates are having the upper hand, even though massive forces are up against Kaido. The biggest obstacle that prevails at the moment is the All-Stars of Beast Pirates.

No one knows about the true meaning and intentions of this mysterious shadow. Is it another ally or a devil in disguise? Comment and tell us what you think!

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