Warrior Nun: Renewal For Season 2 Confirmed? Jump In For Details

A lot of comic book adaptations have made it to the screens this year, but it requires something really special to make itself stand out from the pack. The first season of Warrior Nun was one of them. The second season of Warrior Nun is in the minds of many fans, but ht real question here is that, Is Season 2 is happening? This article will be throwing light on layering out how well the series has performed so far.

Warrior Nun
Image Source – Netflix

Warrior Nun is a fantasy-drama series and an original series by the online streaming platform, Netflix. The series is based on the comic book series by Ben Dunn and was of the same name. It is directed by Simon Barry, and the production of Warrior Nun is carried out by the same team that was involved in the production of Game of Thrones.

Warrior Nun Renewed for Season 2

The series has been renewed for the second season as per the authorities, but it has not been renewed officially. The writers are also teasing that they have already begun planning the metrics as the show has performed very well. Simon Barry, the showrunner for Warrior Nuns, said in an interview that, when they were finishing the first season, they had many more avenues to go down story-wise. So, they created a folder thinking if they were lucky enough to get the second season.

Warrior Nun
Image Source – Netflix

Unfortunately, you may have to wait for a little longer for Warrior Nun Season 2 to arrive on the streaming service, Netflix. The shooting of the first season took place between March 11, 2019, and July 5, 2019. After that, the series took a full year to arrive on Netflix. As the series has been shot in Spain, filming for it may be able to get underway.

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