Warrior Season 3: Is It Happening? Fans Start A Petition

Inspired by the writings from late martial artist Bruce Lee, the series “Warrior” was a pretty big hit.

With the success of season 1, the makers decided to go for season 2, which got released in 2019. With Cinemax being on low, Warrior season 3 is under the uncertain condition to start filming.

Concerned fans decided to start a petition, HBO to take over and adopt the series and renew it for Warrior season 3. The petition is signed by about 19,200 people now and counting.

The writings of Bruce Lee inspired the series. Unfortunately, we lost him. But his daughter Shannon Lin joined the team to take the series up to season 2.

The Problem:

After 18 months of production, the Warrior season 1 came to the screen in April 2019. But for season 2, they kept the pace and released season 2 in October 2020, releasing the series after six months of renewal. But as due to COVID, there is no new series getting releasing.

If any other channel renews the show, they have to purchase the title and develop their series. But as Dianne Dona (playing Mai Ling in the series Warrior) said, the first two seasons will be available in HBO Max, so there might be little chance that the series will release under HBO.

Release Date of Warrior Season 3:

As there are no words of renewal of the series, there is no release date for Warrior Season 3. Also, we can’t predict the series’ release date.

The show’s Lead actor Andrew Koji said in an interview that, “If there’s an outcry, maybe the series will be able to do more. Hopefully, we’ll be able to continue.”

If you want to support and want season 3 of Warriors, here’s a link to the petition.

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