Reality Shows were one of the most successful categories in the past but there’s been a fall recently. However, after the rigorous involvement of melodrama and antics there seems to be an upturn in the quality. With the introduction of On-Demand Streaming services, the creators can let their imaginations run wild. A new flow of diverse minds in the crew in front and behind the camera is inspiring a gripping set of shows in the reality genre.

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Meanwhile, when looking for shows from the genre, it’s difficult to find something of your own taste. Each of the quality series are so different from one another that not all might be your cup of tea. In the list below are Six shows that make up the creamy layer of Reality TV in recent times:-

I. Tidying Up with Marie Kondo (2019-)

Best-selling author Marie Kondo is the heart of this heart-warming reality show streaming on Netflix. Marie seems genuinely interested and motivated for each participant’s success & participation. Participants are also relatable, not just out of the ordinary thorns in the viewing experience.

The success of the show is driven by the fact that this is one of the only Home-Makeover shows that doesn’t seem unrealistic. Lots of people in the show are genuinely trying to get a better life-space and in a reasonable budget. The realistic nature is a brilliant addition which makes this show one of its kind.

If you don’t replace bad habits with better ones, then what is the point of this fuss? You will simply fall back into the same old routine once more. This is why it is imperative that the home owners do the work themselves. Gradually, they begin to see the value in it and take care of themselves and their lifestyle. 

Tidying Up with Marie Kondo Media

[Marie Kondo has a gift and she brings all her simplistic charm with her bubbly persona in this series.]

II. Queer Eye (2018-)

There is nothing innately negative about flamboyancy other than the fact that our society deemed all things associated with femininity as inferior. This dynamic show is a pioneer in Television success for the LGBTQ+ community in the UK and everything gay. Ever since the debut in 2018, the show is getting better with time and Forty-Two Episodes in, the future seems bright.

The inclusivity, diversity and the respect for all is the philosophy, and it’s all amazing. The way our group of Five reaches on people’s views on what masculinity is and can be is worth watching. Also, the crew expand their own knowledge about things that they don’t know about, and unapologetically so. This is a show of diversity, kindness and spreading joy, and it brings the best version of positivity to our screens.

Queer Eye Media

[In the age of lazy remakes, Queer Eye resurrects an idea from the past and improves upon it.]

III. Project Runway (2004-)

Project Runway is somewhat of a legendary show after 15 years of its inception. With the ongoing 16th season and a collection of over 260 episodes, this is undoubtedly the most OG show on the list.

Victoria Secret supermodel, Heidi Klum is the host of this unique and fantastic reality show. The show is about a bunch of designers, whether seasoned, professional, or amateur. They compete to go to Olympus Fashion Week and to win $100,000 to start their own studio, a mentorship program at a fashion company, and a new car.

Somehow the producers got this perfectly in timing and the jist. The challenges are different and well thought out, the designers are creative, and the judges are professional and give constructive and intelligent criticism. The show is not annoying, melo-dramatic and clumsy like other shows in the same section/genre.

Project Runway Media

[Project Runway is a rare gem in the sludge pile of competitive Fashion Reality shows.]

IV. Ugly Delicious (2018-)

Food is by far, the greatest way to represent a culture, and how much we value some food reflects perfectly how we value the culture behind it. And maybe it’s about time that people understand that all this food they love, comes from cultures they don’t know much about. Ugly Delicious is probably the best food discovery reality show from the last decade.

Chef David Chang travels all round the globe visiting places, touching people and tasting food. The Sixteen Episode long adventure will never feel like an exagerration or an overreaction. Chang knows about and pokes fun at food shows where they get too over the top on describing food.

Ugly Delicious Media

V. RuPaul’s Drag Race (2009-)

Never in the history of global television has any show being so successful in holding to a community as strongly as this show. RuPaul’s Drag Race is a series for, by and to the people in the Drag community. Rather than presenting a stereotypical image of the LGBTQ+ people like the rest of Hollywood, this show is all about themselves.

It’s basically America’s Next Top Model: Drag Edition with some borrowed elements from Project Runway. And it’s fun to watch with all contestants who are energetic, flamboyant and have a great sense of humor. The style is very similar to the shows mentioned so you don’t feel like you’re watching a completely redesigned program.

Reality RuPauls Drag Race

[Thirteen contestants compete to be “America’s Next Drag Superstar” on “RuPaul’s Drag Race.”]

VI. Patriot Act With Hasan Minhaj (2018-2020)

Patriot Act is as smart as it is funny, even when it deals with complicated topics. Some topics ranging like the relationship of the US and Saudi Arabia or The Student Debt Crisis or . Parallels with Last Week Tonight are inescapable, as it is about the same format with no desks and a younger host. However, the distinction in the demographical appeal is clear & obvious. Most of the comedy in Patriot Act is the best any millennial has heard or will hear!

Hasan himself, as an opinionated Indian-American is cleary bias towards his ideologies, but maybe that’s what you get these days. This show looks at issues beyond the unidimensional traditional American perspective and it’s refreshing.

Also, A lot of people are very critical of Netflix for cancelling the show after just two years. However, the forty episodes have a lot of content for you if you want to get educated.

Reality Shows Patriot Act Media

[Netflix’s Patriot Act is a show that you might think would make you feel inadequate, but it makes you smarter]

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