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Watch These Five Movies If You Love Julia Roberts!

Julia Roberts is one of the best people in Hollywood and definitely one of the most talented. The veteran is an exceptionally wonderful actress and producer who’s an audience and critic favorite. However, like Tom Hanks or Meryl Streep, Julia has her name in fix in the upper echelon of stars.

Julia Roberts Media
With over four decades in the industry, Roberts is still going strong as a veteran.

While she’s super popular, it might be a problem going through her resume and picking out the perfect watch. For everyone out there, we’re recommending Five of the best Julia Roberts movies that you must see.


The movie stays pretty close to the book that inspires the tale, New York Times bestseller. It definite captures the tone and structure that is the character of the source. However, any cast with Owen Wilson and Julia Roberts can’t really go wrong.

Although, just FYI, Please don’t compare your experience to this fictional movie/book. It is not meant to be a general representation of bullies and the bullying experience everywhere.

This story is about a family that struggles with their own personal things as well as an issue with one family member that affects them all in different ways. Although, the friendship storylines are quite similar. The moral that this book conveys, is to give kids a broad overview of how bullying affects others and the ways they can combat it.

Julia Roberts Wonder
[A family of five from Wonder (2017), a Netflix Original movie, with Owen Wilson alongside Roberts.]


Julia Roberts is playing older and flawed characters, like the fresher professor of Art History in Wellesley College set in 1953 in “Mona Lisa Smile.” And the title does not refer to her, instead it is embedded in remarks in the screenplay about the actual painting of The Mona Lisa. Not everything turns out well in this movie, it more closely reflects real life than do many of the modern romantic comedies.

Kirsten Dunst  as the undergraduate too plays a pivotal role in this noir drama. It is more a serious & real about life and growing up. However, unlike others, both from the perspectives of the undergraduates, and the new professor.

“The devil is in the details,” as they say, and this picture has just enough twists, just enough pull, and just enough great performance to make it worth watching.

Mona Lisa Smile Media
[This darker historical drama by director Mike Newell is unlike any performance by Julia Roberts in her career.]


Unlike lots of movies, this movie literally has the whole story in the title. Lucas Hedges playing Ben Burns is a drug addict who unexopectedly returns to his family, that too on Christmas Eve. Although, the real center of the tale is Julia Roberts as Holly Burns, mother of Ben.

This movie requires people who have never experienced this to accept it as fiction or some exaggerated reality. However, for those of who lived through this, it’s a reminder of what it is really like. And to call this unbelievable is probably justified – because it is unbelievable the things family will go through for their loved ones. Unbelievable and impossible are two very different things. The things Ben’s Mother did is very real, and very possible, albeit unbelievable.

[Ben Is Back is not your typical Hollywood ensemble, but the offbeat cinematic might get suitors.]


Pure Hollywood fluff story that is so smart and sports such a dynamite cast that it becomes one of the more wonderful films of the period. “Pretty Woman” is pop culture at its finest as Julia Roberts (In an Iconic Academy Award Winning Performnce) is a prostitute on the mean streets of Los Angeles. Meanwhile, the story turns when she gets a big financial break one night when she meets up with cold, but lonely business guru Richard Gere.

Richard Gere and Julia Roberts give magical performances as a shrewd businessman and a lovely prostitute. There’s a charm of that era which is personified one of the last movies of its kind. “Pretty Woman” is a contemporary Hollywood fairy-tale, an incredible romantic comedy, A simple love story in the middle of self-interest and breaking class boundaries.

Julia Roberts Pretty Woman
[Only Roberts can make a graceful and realistic character playing a prostitute.]


Eat Pray Love is a movie it’s about ones journey in your life. Most of the mass audience don’t understand this message that movie is trying to convey. While traveling along, the movie iss discovering peace and wisdom to settle down your soul and life. Most of the people drown in material ambitions and they only live to achieve, not to feel.

This movie is one of the most underrated performance by Julia Roberts under director Ryan Murphy. Elizabeth Gilbert’s quest to find herself after a messy divorce is the story and what makes it great. This movie is not for those who don’t contemplate life’s true meaning at all. Also, those who just follow along with the crowd because they only want to do the corporate things.

Eat Pray Love Media
[Julia Roberts draping on an Indian Saree for her character in Eat Pray Love]

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