Way Of The Househusband Manga: Live-Action Version Coming Up Soon!

Hey, ya fellas! How you all doing? I have good news for you all. Way Of The Househusband is getting a video graphic view. It was conveyed by The Kurage Bunch on Friday. They streamed a promotional video for the same. Moreover, Kenjiro Tsuda starred as well as directed the Live Show.

Struggles of a Househusband (Image: SoraNews24)

Way Of The Househusband Manga: Storyline

Way Of The Househusband is a manga series by Kousuke Oono. The story follows the life of a retired Yakuza, named Immortal Tatsu. He was involved in crimes that led him to prison. However, he is free now and is leading a crime-free life. However, whatever he does always lands himself into trouble. But the troubles are in the grocery, not in any lawsuit. More often, he creates misunderstandings among people.

Criminal turned househusband (Image: SoraNews24 – Japan News)

The Live-Action of Way of the househusband

Kurage Bunch released a video graphic live-action story of the manga. Kenjiro Tsuda worked as the director as well as starred in the live-action. However, Miku’s voice was given by Maaya Sakamoto. Moreover, NTV officiated that it is making a live-action series of Oono’s Way of the Househusband. However, it will be aired only on Sundays at 10:30 PM starting this October.

The comic was nominated for the best humor publication this year. It came 2nd in Tsugi ni Kuru manga awards. Moreover, it came 9th in this year’s general election. It got ranked 8th for men by Kono Manga ga Sugoi!

Manga to Live-Action (Image: SGcafe)

The Cast

Live-action comprises of Hiroshi Tamaki (Nodame Cantabile’s Shinichi Chiaki. MW’s Michio Yūki). He will play the lead Tatsu. Moreover, Uda Manabu will be the scriptwriter. Whereas, Tōichirō Rutō will serve as a director.

Way of the househusband is published by Viz Media publishers. Moreover, it publishes the manga in the English language. On 17th September the first version of the manga was aired. Also, it is on the website of Kurage Bunch. It was first published on the website in 2018 February. Moreover, the 4th volume of the show was published by Shinchosha on 9th December.

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