What Keeps You Alive: Ending Of Jules

What keeps you alive was a fun watch. With a plot not so unique but the storytelling compelling and engaging. The story of Cat and Mouse chase may seem repetitive but in this case, they did a watch-worthy job. In the end, they left the things with a room for interpretation though so like always let’s get to the bottom of it. 

What Keeps You Alive: Ending Explained

The whole story of What keeps you alive was (at least I found that) about how Jules will turn into a badass. In the beginning when the married couple Jules and Jackie seemed like a lovely couple. Both ladies decide to go to an outdoor adventure. But the entry of a blast from Jackies’s past complicates things. But not a usual complication, it’s a very fatal complication. Jackie is not just another girl. After being pushed down a cliff for trying to dig into her wife’s past Jules realizes that she married a psychopath. 

“Jackie and Jules” from What keeps you alive
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Jackie after pushing Jules hikes down to find out if she was alive. Turns out Jules survived the fall and now on the run. Thus begins the chase. We explore the story that Jackie has been killing all of her previous wives and then changing her identity. This happens after Jules discovers a box of pendants that Jackie keeps for her victims and Jules had one too. 

Jules tries to contact Sarah the girl from the past of Jackie remembered her as someone else (Megan) and told Jules about Jackie and the dead Jenny. But it was too late as Jackie goes on and kills Sarah and her Husband. After Jules is recaptured and is taken back to the cabin where Jackie threw her off the cliff again to finish the job. But this time around Jules was not just some other pansy victim. She turned out to be a total queen.

Still from What keeps you alive
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When Jackie goes to the cabin to get a shot of insulin for diabetes problems, she finds a video recording. The video recording has Jules on it and she tells Jackie that the insulin had hydrogen peroxide in it and she was about to die of clotting and boy that was satisfying! Jackie dies in the following scene and we cut back to Jules who fell down the cliff for the second time. The ending scene had us worried if she was alive or not. But the ending gasp suggests she did survive the fall again and thus leaves the story on a happy note. Well…Relatively happy. What keeps you alive.


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