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WhatsApp Web Beta Audio And Video Calling, Here’s Everything You Need To Know

WhatsApp web long allowed the ability to place audio and video calls from the mobile app. It lately upgraded the group video calling capacity to 8 participants. WhatsApp Web does not continue the same functionality but allows you to video call your friends via Messenger Rooms. That’s about to change as WhatsApp now commenced testing audio and video calls. So, Which is via Whatsapp Web and Desktop in beta.

Voice/ Video Calls on WhatsApp Web and Desktop

So, If you have selected for the beta test, you will start noticing two buttons next to the contact name. Also, One for audio calls and the other for video calls. They also carry the beta tag, as determined by the tipster in previous leaks.

The audio and video calling application on WhatsApp web. And desktop apps are limited to personal conversations at the moment. You will not see the new calling buttons in group chat.

WhatsApp Desktop Audio Call

When you hit the audio call button, you will notice a pop-up at the top right. It will provide the recipient’s name, a mute button. Also, and an end call button. If you get an audio call, you see a more giant pop-up with the title. And the profile picture and ‘Accept/ Decline’ buttons.

 WhatsApp Desktop Video Call

The video calling UI on WhatsApp web or desktop looks pretty much the same. You will see your video feed pop-up when you click the video calling button on the desktop. The app gives you the same options as above. You can resize the secondary pop-up window on your desktop as per your requirements.

The audio/ video calling feature for WhatsApp Web and Desktop is currently in beta. It is only turning out to a select few users. The audio and video quality was quite useful in my testing, and I didn’t face any hiccups in connecting to the user. WhatsApp is yet to declare the feature officially. But seeing how it works perfectly fine, we can expect it to roll out very soon. Stay tuned for more updates. And if you have any queries, ask us down in the comments section.

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