Wheel Of Fortune Season 38 Official Release Date Out; Know All The Details

Wheel of Fortune is finally going to return after a hiatus brought on by the coronavirus pandemic. The long-running game show is going to be back for its thirty-eighth season on September 14. As per the release of Sony Pictures Television, the show will be undergoing several tweaks to keep the production safe for all the parties involved. The program also implemented the testing protocols and is currently following local government guidelines for its procedures.

Wheel of Fortune
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The executive producer of the show, Mike Richards, said that their challenge was not unique, to get back up again and to run in a way that it is safe for everyone who is involved while making subtle improvements to make America’s Game even better. He added that he thinks they have accomplished that in a big way, and their fans can be comfortable in knowing that all of them are going to tune it to see the show they love.

Wheel of Fortune Season 38 | Set Details Revealed.

Among the changes that are made, that will be seen by the viewers, and one is that the platforms around the titular wheel of the show will be extended, so the contestants are 6 ft away from Sajak. A new and improved curved monitor will also be surrounding the setup. The producers and the members of the crew also tackled the potential of spreading of germs that comes with the contestants spinning the wheel. Instead of holding the apparatus with their bare hands, players will be using a cap that covers the spokes of the wheel to spin. Sajak has apparently taken to be calling each cap, The White Thing.

Wheel of Fortune, apart from these aesthetic changes as a game, will not change. The only change in the gameplay is that the minimum amount that can be won on the Bonus Wheel is altered. The minimum amount that can be won on the Bonus Wheel is going to be $38,000 in honour of Season 38.

Wheel of Fortune
Image Source – Insider

The various social media puzzles that go along with this show are another popular aspects of the syndicated series. Sony made a promise to the fans of the show that the Wheel Watchers will want to be more observant, because something that has never happened before in the history of the show is going to happen in the first two weeks of the show.

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