When And Why Is Supergirl Leaving Netflix? Know Everything

The sixth season of Supergirl is confirmed to be the final season of the series, and now we can generally outline the idea of when will the series be leaving the online streaming service providing platform, Netflix. However, for all the fans who got curious of when will it be leaving Netflix or the ones who are in the middle of series right now, do not panic. The series have some years left on the streaming giant, and we will not be seeing the series leaving the streaming platform soon.

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It is a superhero drama series which is broadcasted on The CW and is based on the comic-book character of the same name from the DC Comics. Among all of the few survivors of the Krypton’s destruction, one is Kara Zor-El. She was tasked on protecting her cousin, Kal-El, and her spacecraft was accidentally knocked off course, where she spent 24 years in the phantom zone. She eventually escaped the phantom zone and arrived on Earth.

On arriving on Earth, she discovered that her now grown cousin has adapted to the life on Earth and has become its protector as the Superman. As Kara grows into her own powers, she becomes the protector of National City, taking the mantle of Supergirl.

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When Will Supergirl Leave Netflix?

As the announcement of the sixth season of the series being the last one of the superhero series, we can now predict when it will be leaving the streaming platform. The sixth season of the series is scheduled to broadcast on The CW throughout 2021, before eventually arriving on the streaming giant later that year. It means that the series will be remaining on Netflix until at least 2026.

The streaming giant has a legacy contract with The CW, and among all of the stipulations of the contract, one is that Netflix retains the right to stream for several years after a series from The CW comes to an end.

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Why the sixth season is the last one of the series?

One of the best indication of why Supergirl is coming to an end is to do with the series ratings. As you can see from the table below, Supergirl has had a dramatic decrease in the number of viewers since its first season. The first episode debuted with a massive 12.96 million viewers. In contrast, the finale of season 5 only managed just over 650,000 viewers.

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