Where is A Winter Princess Filmed? All About the Locations

Winter Princess: Hallmark movies are getting a bad reputation for having almost the same storyline. Again and again in different characters, different locations, different movies.

However, one thing no knee can ever accuse a Hallmark movie of is being aesthetically unpleasing. They never fail to make it looks so beautiful because of their picturesque. And not only this but backdrops for filming locations.

Happiness is beautiful.
She is always welcomed. Source: imdb.com

What is going on in Winter Princess?

Winter Princess, is one of the Hallmark movies which was premiered on 18th January 2019. There is a prince Carly who is working incognito at a ski resort. Further, they team up with the owner’s brother, Jesse, to plan the resort’s 50th-anniversary celebration. Allan Harmon is directed and written by Erinne Dobson.

Princess Carly and Jesse as the lead characters of Natalie Hall and Chris McNally respectively. Brendon Zub, Lara Gilchrist, Casey Manderson, Mackenzie Gray, Bernie Yao. Kazumi Evans, Lossen Chambers. These are the main cast of the movie.

Winter Princess: They are together.
Knowing it’s perfect. source: imdb.com


The storyline of A Winter Princess revolves around Princess Carly. As mentioned above Princess Carly is working incognito at a ski resort. Later he teams up with the owner’s brother, Jesse to plan the 50th-anniversary celebration of the resort.

They plan the Snowden Peak’s Snow Ball during the panning they got attracted to one another. Casey Manderson, who plays Prince Gustav arrives on the scene and her dual identity is nearly exposed.

Jesse and Carly make the gala a fundraiser to turn the resort into a year-round destination. Also, decide to hold the ball at the Summit Lodge.

Snowden Peak is up for sale because investors are not interested in a celebrity draw.

But If only they knew a celebrity who could raise enough money to make Snowden Peak. A four-season resort for royalty and commoners alike. Too bad no one knows any royalty who could entice affluent socialists to the gala.

Winter Princess: Better it is.
However, we fight. Source: play.google.com

A Winter Princess Filming Location

Snowden Peak Mountain Resort is the resort shown in the movie. Big White Ski Resort and parts of Kelowna was the place where A Winter Princess was filmed. Kelowna, Towards the Southern Interior of British Columbia around 35 miles away did locate Big White Ski Resort. One of the largest mountains of British Columbia, Canada is Big White.

The Bug White’s summit is around 7,608 ft, and above the sea level is the village around 5,758 ft. The resort is also known for its night skiing and has 27 unnamed trails and a total of 118 designated trails.

Welcomed it is.
Also Beautiful. Source: parade.com

Big White has not only come in the movie for the first time but has been used as a filming location. The snowboarding comedic movies shred. Shred 2 and Silver star. Snow Princess was the original title before it got changed.

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