Why Did Kim Seok Jin Make His Hit Track ‘Super Tuna’?

Kim Seok Jin also known as Jin, on December 4th. 2021 self-produced the song ‘Super Tuna’ and which was released on the internet. All over the world, the song was popular within 5 days.

The bond of Kim Seok Jin and the Army!

Leaving all the popular artists behind Jin’s performance video topped the rank. #1, straight for four days. The song has been out for months and till now fans enjoy every beat and word of it!

Dad jokes!
He is the source of laughter. source:otakukart.com

But the story or the inspiration behind the song which we all enjoy was known by non of us!

The story behind the Tuna fish!

However, the wait for the fans is over and the mystery is solved by Jin. As he has answered why did he make ‘Super Tuna’

The singer also expressed his feelings about the ‘Super Tuna’ challenge, with 22 million views on YouTube of the performance video. They made their entry in Top 10 Hot Trending Song and Billboard Hot 100 charts. ‘Super Tuna’ challenge also started its course.

Everyone took part in the challenge, from Fans all over the world to the Ministry of Fisheries of Korea. Jin is a member who is loved by all and the key factor is that he hooks the audience with entertainment. Jin loved it that everyone is taking part in challenges. Also, he was so happy looking at the fans knowing that they are having so much fun over something he was a part of.

We all love his nature.
We all love him! Source: allkpop.com

Though he might have not put so much thought and planning into it, that is what could happen. And definitely didn’t have the idea how far it will extend to.

The Truth Behind Jin’s ‘Super Tuna’…

PLEDIS Entertainment’s singer and producer Bumxu are the main masters behind the ‘Super Tuna.’ Bumpy, a former contestant on Superstar K4 is well known for his co-writing and producing NU’EST’s and Seventeen’s discographies. The fans know that Suga and Jin are a huge fan of fishing, the idea of creating the song come to their mind.

Catching a big is the desire of all, the lyrics of the song expressed their huge love and desire of catching a big fish. In the music video, Jin can be seen performing a proper dance routine to talk about the love he has for fishing. His reaction to the song blowing up isn’t what we expected.

On Weverse, talking about the song Jin asked his fans not to participate in the ‘Super Tuna’ challenge. He expressed his feeling and revealed that he is very embarrassed with the song blowing up like this. And the real pain wasn’t the doing becoming a challenge. In an interview with Weverse along with the song producer Bumzu, the two artists talked about their hit track.

Kim Seok Jin: Did you like it?
The poster. Source: itakukart.com

However, the singer couldn’t express his love for finishing as there aren’t any good songs about fishing to listen to the highway in this generation. And if Army knows Jin closely then they know the urge Jin had to make a song on fishing. However, the urge just kept getting stronger. The singer wanted to make something for all the fishing fans and for everyone.

According To Jin, Creating ‘Super Tuna’ Was An Excuse To Go Fishing With Bumzu…

In a studio, many artists sat down and shared their thought on the song. However, all of them contributed to these most comfortable places.

Also, Jin wrote in his part while on the boat, the main reason behind doing that was he wanted to write the song while doing that activity! With Bumzu and Jin on a boat to write the song, obviously, they had all the other equipment like fishing rods and all.

Kim Seok Jin had wished for this song.
His wish was achieved! Source: republicwrorld.com

Also, Bumzu said that he knew Tuna Fish is the idea behind the song. But the funny part or the ironic part is that the place they went to do finishing had no Tuna Fish. While joking around about how Jin could easily catch a Tuna and then Jin actually caught one. All the other fishermen around them were shocked, leaving Bumzu.

The lyrics of ‘Super Tuna’ go like “My heart is beating, flap-flap, Where did my fish go? East sea, west sea, Where is my fish? Please bite on my fishing rod, At that moment the tuna asked me, Hyung, Hyung, please take me”

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