Why Rick and Morty season 4 half is late? updates we have until now.

The wait for the second half if far more bearable, with first-half releasing in late 2019, the fans are looking forward to Rick to come back as fast as he says wubba-lubba-dub-dub.

The delay:

There is no release date for the season yet, the sole thing we were abandoned said was only “2020”, and we hope it’s the same as it was for Bojack Horseman’s final season, which got split for 2019 end and early 2020. Therefore, we expect it to release around March. So this gap long shots previous gap in season 1 where episode 7 was released after six weeks to that of episode 6.

Despite this delay which we are facing, we possess no clue about the episodes too. No teases or leaks were said.

Voice actor Spencer Grammer who plays Summer told in an interview that, “another five are coming on their way, eventually sooner or later”, while adding to it while wrapping up the interview said, “it’s not finished yet” giving us clue that seasons 4 is not the end of Rick and Morty.

The animator’s problem:

The animators of Rick and Morty cited probable reason behind the delay, ‘A real struggle’, so we might see great animation in later half than any we’ve seen before in the series. Rick and Morty’s animator director Nathan Litz stated, “You see all action and go-by and say it looks fantastic, but only a minute takes 4 weeks to develop”.

Adding to it Nathan said, “If you work for fire rescue show, you have to deal with fire, smoke, and water, but in Rick and Morty, you have to deal with fire, smoke, water, laser, ship trails, explosions, everything you can possibly think of. The overall scope is what makes it challenging”. He said, “On one hand it’s fun to do, but it is a real challenge to maintain the details and quality to the series while serving it on time”.

In other animated series like Simpsons, The Family Guy, the plot takes place in a regular place, but in Rick and Morty, it is indefinite. A mad genius and his folie grandson fly around different planets and dimensions for enigmatic quests.

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