Will Kush And Shirley kill Jean? Eastenders

Jean was not taking her medication because of her partner, Daniel death. Kush and Shirley worried about her behavior in the last weeks. In Tuesday episode, it was revealed that the health of Jean is going bad to worse.

Jean Slater
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She was taking a more massive dose of her medication to cover the days she missed to take. It has been a week, and Kush was trying to manage Jean’s failure because her behavior has become more fickle.

Jean made many calls to police and also inspected by the officer for reporting a missing complaint of Whitney Dean even after she returned home. She begins a wild, tough lashing on Whitney, for having lunch with Grey.

Shirley was grinding the missed medication of Jean, but don’t know about the correct dosage, but Kush saw Shirley doing this.

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Max Branning is also worried that maybe his life is in danger. They think that a coffin looks like a wedding limo, Max starts insulting Stuart and Rainie’s cut-price wedding plans. To hand his money, Rainie decides to take out a leaf from Tanya Cross book, for burning Max. Tanya also tried to kill Sean, but was unlucky.

For calling ‘a joke’ to Ben Mitchell, Danny takes a pulsing from Phil Mitchell. Ben has a hearing disability; his ear operation was expected on Tuesday. Phil Mitchell was helping Ben, handing out his son to a dubious dealing.

Why has Lola been terrified by Peter?

Lola Pearce
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On the other hand, Peter told Lola that he would not lie to Jay if he asks him. And tell him everything about the night when Peter and Lola were drunk and were close. Lola was afraid because if the truth would come out, it may ruin the relationship between her and Jay.

Lola was so panic to know that Peter and Jay had a conversation, and they are going to be spending more time together.

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