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Will Smith and Margot Robbie: Did They Date While Filming Suicide Squad?

Hey, Ya fellas! Hope you all are safe and sound. This article is about the current rumor, “Did Will Smith Date Margot Robbie while filming Suicide Squad?” According to the reports Will Smith’s wife was in love with someone else. Jada Pinkett Smith revealed that she dated singer August Alsina. But, as soon as she said this the Suicide Squad actress started to trend. There was a rumor the Australian beauty dated Will when Smith’s was busy with Alsina.

Betrayal Love (Image: Gizmo Blaze)

Will Smith’s Love Betrayed Him?

Jada Pinkett Smith came on Red Table Talk along with Will that was telecasted on Facebook Watch. She accepted that was romantically involved with Alsina. Moreover, Jada revealed her son introduced her to Alsina as his friend. And since then she started liking her sn’s friend. Moreover, Alsina was part of a family vacation of Smith’s family in 2016 to Hawaii.

Did Margot and Will date? (Image: Daily Express)

Did Will Smith date Margot Robbie?

As soon as, Jada accepted her affair, people started linking Will with Margot Robbie. As per the rumors, Will Smith dated the Birds of Prey actress while filming Suicide Squad. Fans started framing assumptions and connecting various happenings. Happenings that supported their views of the same. The most famous event that came in light was Robbie’s interview with Jimmy Fallon in Tonight Show in 2018. In the show, there was a game in which either she had to answer or take a shot. Moreover, there came a question in which she answered Will Smith. However, didn’t reveal the private incident instead took a shot.

No Wil Smith in Suicide Squad’s Sequal. (Image: Gizmo Blaze)

Margot Robbie back in Suicide Squad

Margot Robbie has agreed to come back to the Suicide Squad’s sequel movie. However, Will Smith decided to let it go and pass the offer. Moreover, it gave birth to speculations, that Robbie is the reason for Will’s denial. Apart from Robbie, there are actors reprising their roles. Jai Courtney, Joel Kinnaman, and Viola Davis will reprise their characters in the movie.

Anyway, there isn’t any solid proof to prove the rumor true. There isn’t anything that shows both being involved romantically.

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