Chris Peckover’s Christmas horror movie, Better Watch Out, crafts for the most ideal ending to lead up to a sequel. What are the odds for that to happen?

The trailer of the movie throws us off track making us think that it would be a comic Home Alone-alike-movie. Little did we know it comes with a dark and grisly package.

What is the Plot of Better Watch Out?

Luke is an ultra-horny-evil 12-year-old, who plans a break-in with his friend Garret. His main focus is to use fear to turn on his babysitter, Ashley. With the failed attempt, the two friends tie-up Ashely and thereafter everything spirals down into a dark vent.


Ashley strapped to a chair.
Source: Netflix

When Ashely’s boyfriend shows up, Luke kills him with a paint canister. Who thought the same paint canister we found funny in Home Alone could crack open a human skull?

Later, when Ashely’s ex shows up with an apology letter, Luke kills him too. And further, he uses the note as a suicide note. The murder streak doesn’t end here. Luke kills Garret for kissing Ashely and then almost kills Ashley by stabbing her in the neck. Christmas Movie? More like a (Christ!-mas)s-killing movie.

He sets up the scene in the house to look like a multi-boyfriend situation gone wrong. He goes back into his room before his parents arrive, pops in his prescription sleeping pills, and dozes off.

In the end, Ashley has survives by sticking duct tape to her neck and leaves in an ambulance while giving Luke the finger. Everyone else is left bewildered as to what went down.


Luke and Ashley” Better Watch out.
Source: Netflix

Ashley, retract the finger quickly because when it will come to your word versus a 12-year-old’s, guess who the jury will side with. Besides, in a mid-credit scene, Luke tells his mom that he’s worried about Ashley and wants to stop by in the hospital. The wickedness of the kid!

Olivia DeJonge stars as Ashley the babysitter. Luke Lerner is played by Levi Miller.

Will the Sequel Happen?


The sequel for Better Watch Out can be taken up in several directions. But no official statement has been given by Peckover. The movie does work well as a standalone, so he may not even view a sequel as entirely necessary.

For the time being, Peckover is actively working on a supernatural movie that he’s keeping fairly under the sly.

Fans are surely eager to how the court trails go about with Ashley v/s Luke.