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Will There Be Cursed Season 2? Looking On To Its Possibilities!

The epic of King Arthur and Camelot has been reinvented and restated for centuries, but never quite like Cursed. So only one question remains: will there be a season 2? Let’s have a look into the possibilities.

About the Show!

The Netflix TV series talks about the traditional Arthurian folk talk. Nimueh, future Lady of the Lake, queen of the magical Fey, and wielder of a legendary Sword of Power is made the cornerstone of the series.

Katherine Langford as Nimueh in Cursed.
Source: Netflix

Arthur, in Cursed, plays a supporting role. He is a love interest for Nimueh and a mercenary. We also get a redefinition of the narrative of other figures from Arthurian myth.
Season 1 leaves the fans with various cliffhangers. Hence, we look ahead to a probable Cursed season 2.

What to Expect I Cursed Season 2?

Nimueh is shot by Iris falling off the waterfall. Merlin, infuriated by this, reclaims the Sword of Power for himself and recovers his immense magical powers. The Weeping Monk turns his back on the Red Paladins and reveals to Squirrel that his name is actually Lancelot. Meanwhile, Arthur forges a new alliance with The Red Spear after her Viking rival, Cumber the Ice King, sends his soldiers to ambush the Fey who are trying to escape.

Nimueh was shot and fell off the waterfall.
Source: Netflix

Nimueh being shot water could be the pathway for her to become the ethereal Lady of the Lake. This seems unlikely as Cursed’s purpose is to tell a different story. In season 2, there is a plausible emergence of Nimueh from the water to reclaim the Sword of Power for herself. “Lady of the Lake” will perhaps join with “The Wolf-Blood Witch” and “The Fey Queen” as one of her titles.

Cursed Season 2 Release Date:

Netflix is yet to give an official announcement to Cursed season 2. However, fans can expect a renewal due to how things ended in Season 1.

Cast Of Cursed.
Source: Netflix

If we reckon that the show does pick up for a second season, it’s unlikely we’d see it before the second half of 2021. Once social distancing and travel restrictions are out of the way, chances of Cursed season 2 dawning before 2022 seem slim.

So, if Cursed Season 2 to returns fans can anticipate Nimueh using magic to save herself and Lancelot joining the gang.

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