Without Saying Goodbye On Netflix: Here everything fans wanted to know.

There is no perfect goodbye we all know, the hardest part is when someone says goodbye. No one likes to be around people who have a lack of interest in us, or no one wants to go through monotony. Have you ever thought that do people who provide entertainment to people around the globe go through many things! A lot of pressure, anxiety, and whatnot on the professionals.

The story behind the industry Without Saying Goodbye!

Not only this, this is just the one just of the story but the other side of a competitor, Yes the competition has been increasing widely in the field of entertainment. There huge number of people getting in, in this field but the sad part is there isn’t so much space for all. So the best talents get the stage, that’s too after so much struggle. It’s harsh but the reality is reality.

Maybe there is a huge number of people getting in this field but, there are too many branches too and we can’t forget the varieties it holds. Almost one of the most important factors is the varieties. If there is no variety and the content is almost copied or the same from the previous one or from others then it’s a loss!

Okay, we got the gist but the movie has a background that revolves around the old-fashioned and outdated kind of romance. Though you know then most of the things are predictable most of the movie.

And if you think there isn’t any other script then you are highly mistaken! The movie industry has given us so many scripts like this. It makes the audience bored and then it’s not interesting for them to watch it again with different characters and actors.

This fact is well known to all but we hoped that if this factor was kept in mind by the directories too, Bruno Ascenzo. The plot of the movie is shot in Peru, it has beautiful sceneries but the script could have been better.

The plot of the Movie

The basic plot of the movie goes like, a young man who is very wealthy. He had a dream project which is making a small property converted into a big multimillion property. On the other, the female character of the movies doesn’t believe in love and marriage.
However, the movie is very straightforward and simple, but the sad part for the audience is that there is no curiosity to hook the audience. The movie is more like a play as there is a continuous conversation is going on between them.

There are some instants where one may feel that there is no need for dialogue here. For example when the female lead tells that she doesn’t have any faith in marriage or love. She tells a lot about it and continuously speaks for a while. She also mentions that she would have lasted forever and it would hurt less!

A Note

Though the movie is available on Netflix, there is also some lack of energy in the cast of the cast and the direction or filmmaking could have been better. Although the movie is a very romantic and simple one, coming to the direction of the movie it’s could have been as we said earlier. Also, the writer could have got some twists or interesting things. The thing that you can appreciate is the old-fashioned love story, simple and can be appreciated. Keeping the old-fashioned storyline in the mind they could have created a better ambiance and responsibility for the movie.

Although one can watch this movie, it’s a mixture of simple and plush content. Maybe you can call it one time watch.

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