Wonder Egg Priority is a quirky fantasy drama anime from Japan. Unlike lots of shows in the genre, this is an original source series. However, the fact that there’s no manga series or novel as a base, might be helping the show with surprises. So at the moment, all we know about the story progression is what we see in each episode.

Shin Wakabayashi directs the series and Shinji Nojima is behind the illustration. With the advent of 2021, there’s a slew of shows coming into the mainstream. Shows with the quality like that of Wonder Egg Priority are doing their bit to stay afloat. The first episode came on January 13th, 2021 named “The Domain of Children”.

Wonder Egg Priority Media

[Ai and her world are the products of the animation from CloverWorks.]

What Do You Need To Know Before Watching The Second Episode Of Wonder Egg Priority?

In the pilot of the show, Ai breaks that wonder egg, and it grows big before it cracks. At that very moment, an unknown girl comes out of that egg.

Ai waits for the girl when she sees an evil teacher with an Axe with her evil mob. Also, Ai gets to know that they have to run now. While that unfolds, a cruel teacher throws an Axe towards the two, and it slices the mysterious girl’s hand.

This evil group comes to be known as the “Axe-Gang.” This gang chases after the two when Ai gets to know that these people are Seeno Evils. During the chase, Ai leads the girl into a safe room to break the chase. Koito is found dead in a few moments and the two of them must carry forward. Ai and the unknown girl end up being best friends in the first chapter.

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When And Where Will The Second Episode Of The Show Coming Out?

The second episode of the show will be airing on January 20, 2021. NTV and STV are the local broadcasters for the telecast in Japan itself. However, the bulk of the global carrying will be done by a few streaming services. Funimation has the license for the online global streaming platforming of the show.

What Is Wonder Egg Priority’s Theme All About?

This adventure-fantasy follows Ai, a common girl. While she is on a midnight stroll, Ai, picks up an egg. Instantaneously, A voice hits her saying “If you want to change the future, you only need to choose now. Now, believe in yourself and break the egg.” What happens after is what drives this show forward. The consequences of breaking the egg make the show, what it is today.

Everything that’s coming will be exciting and intriguing to watch for anime fans all over the world.

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