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Wonder Woman 3: Patty Jenkins Won’t Return Unless There Is Proper Theatrical Release!

Patty Jenkins suggests that she might make a return to direct a third Wonder Woman movie… Unless provided with a promise of a proper theatrical release.

Patty Jenkins says she will be very cautious about directing part 3 of Wonder Woman if there is no theatrical release. Wonder Woman 1984, the sequel to Jenkins’s huge hit of the original film, is set to release in theaters and on HBO Max on Christmas Day. Jenkins has been widely applauded for her work on the franchise, which stars Gal Gadot in the titular role. Wonder Woman 1984 will also feature stars like Chris Pine, Pedro Pascal, and Kristen Wiig.

What Might Be the Future?

After a series of mediocre-to-highly criticized releases in the DCEU film franchise, Jenkins’s Wonder Woman finally made it to the chartbusters. Making a script that celebrates gender equality on and off camera along with powerful writing, fascinating characters, and awe-striking action was a commendable job done by Patty.

As the DCEU continues to struggle for a foothold in its wake, Wonder Woman 1984, is in eager anticipation.

Patty Jenkins denies on returning to film Wonder Woman 3 until promised for a theatrical release.
Source: HBO Max

In the covid-19 era, for a blockbuster in the making, success on OTT platforms is a must. A prediction regarding the fate of the sequel to land, cannot be yet made.

Will Wonder Woman 3 Happen?

Keeping the consequences in mind, Jenkins might be right to ask for the promise of a proper theatrical release to return. Speaking recently with The New York Times, the director discusses her work on the upcoming film, her career, and her perspectives on pay inequality for women in the film industry. When asked about the possibility of directing a third entry in the WW franchise, Jenkins was hesitant to commit. “We’ll see what happens,” she said. “I really don’t know. I know that I’d love to do the third one if the circumstances were right and there was still a theatrical model possible. Don’t know that I would if there wasn’t.”

Gal Gadot in Wonder Woman 1984.
Source: HBO Max

The silver lining is that Jenkins is getting really good pay. During the interview, she also confirms the rumors about her $8-$10 million payday for “WW:1984.”Patty Jenkins has risen to the top of the lists in her field. Her voice on such issues certainly holds weight.

As time flies, COVID-19 will hopefully be just a bad memory. But it’s certain that the ramifications it has had on the film industry could remain.

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