X-Men: X Of Sword Unfolds Mister Sinister Twister Counterpart[SPOILERS]

Today, we are going to see the publication of the final chapters of X Of Swords, Excalibur #15, with X-Men #15, and Destruction #1. With one final war that turns into a massive battle indeed, along with lots of surprises, brand new arrivals, and a finale that feels final but also opens up many doors.

Before moving further, we want you to know that this article contains spoilers, so you are now informed.

I may have just said that while talking about what this all means for the Captain Britain Corps and noting Gwenpool and Doop‘s appearance. But it is true. And as ever, the greatest joy and happiness is in the details.

X-Men X of Swords
Image Source – Comic Book

Also, we get some surprises, so we get the soap opera macros, where the plot’s biggest twists all hinge on families and emotions rather than reasoning. With Teen Cable cut-off in Otherworld calling for some help, it is time for Cyclops to break the rules.

We had previously witnessed what defeat would mean for Krakoa and Earth.

We also get to see an internal Quiet Council document to finally get rid of the X-Men from just before Krakoa’s incorporation as a nation-state was announced to the world. To deprioritize the X-Men. To stop using their name. The X-Men are no more.

X-Men: X Of Sword Unfolds Mister Sinister Twister Counterpart

It is worth pointing out that this is just what happened to the X-Men within Marvel Universe when Marvel Chair Ike Perlmutter fell out with Fox Studios, canceled the Fantastic Four books, and also deprioritized the X-Men.

Removing them from toys, games, cartoons, statues, reducing the comic book budget, and promoting the line, something that Jonathan Hickman himself would confirm partially much later.

And the Fans and the mutants would not stand for it. Hence Cyclops.

X-Men X of Swords
Image Source – Comic Book

Jonathan Hickman is Cyclops, and he is bringing back the X-Men, getting them to do what they were really meant to do. Just in case you needed more meta. And we are also reminded what that will mean as Genesis and Apocalypse continue their final X Of Swords war.

Storm says that a battle that grows and grows and grows holds fast. However, Apocalypse says, never surrender. While fighting his wife, Apocalypse gives the biggest of humblebrags.

We can further see that all the X-Men stand tall even if Krakoa no longer does.

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