Xbox Edinburgh: Third Xbox Console leaked online

Hey Ya Fellas! I have good news for you all. Xbox will release soon during the holiday season. Moreover, It will be coupled with the Xbox S series. It is still a rumor but reports suggest it to be true. Xbox S series is cheaper as well as has less power in comparison to the previous one. Apart from this, there is a huge possibility of third Xbox Console, named “Edinburgh“. No one knows much about it. Xbox fans have gone gaga over it. This “Edinburgh” is all over the internet, with various fan theories.

The Next-Gen Gaming (Image: Forbes)

Xbox Edinburgh: What is it?

The first one to break the news of Xbox Edinburgh was Jez Cordan. He is a journalist from Windows Central. He is the one who talks about the consoles but doesn’t confirm the source of the news. Moreover, he gave warning to all the Xbox fans to not get excited regarding a handheld Xbox. As it won’t be as they expect it to be, instead it would be more kind of a cloud version i.e. Xcloud kind of something. Corden even hinted it being an all-digital version of Xbox Series X. There other speculations of it being the name of the dev kit. But as we all know dev kit codename is Dante.

Edinburgh: Third Xbox Console?

Everything is cloudy right now, as all the doubts regarding it being Xbox console are unanswered. Whatsoever it maybe we will be updated soon hopefully. As it is the start of next-gen gaming.

Edinburgh: Console or Codename (Image: GamesRadar)

What did Microsoft say?

Even though there is been chaos, Microsoft hasn’t officiated anything on the same. However, it is typical Microsoft move to remain shut and not respond to any sort of rumors. Moreover, it could help Microsoft create a sort of buzz regarding Xbox Edinburgh.

The end is the Beginning (Image: Cnet)

For other updates and news regarding Xbox keep following us. We will get back at you with other Xbox updates.

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