Xiaomi Scishare Coffee Maker Revealed: Check Out Details!

You all must be knowing Xiaomi as a major mobile manufacturer, but this company excels in making many more things which are amazing. Xiaomi also has its own crowdfunded Mijia brand and Mi Ecosystem. Under these brands, it manufactures a plethora of non-mobile products. Now, it has brought the all-new Xiaomi Scishare Coffee Maker.

To name a few of its products, Xiaomi made a Walkie-Talkie, Smart Camera, Car Recorder, etc. and many are on their way to dominating this market as well.

Xiaomi Scishare Coffee Maker: How much does it cost?

It’s just about time, when we are preparing for the monsoon and winter season, Xiaomi has revealed its coffee-maker machine called ‘Scishare Coffee Maker’. The product price ranges around CYN 399 (roughly Rs. 3900). The first batch will start shipping from April 18 in China. Additionally, to facilitate their crowdfunding program participants, Xiaomi will give out 50 imported capsules.

Xiaomi Scishare Coffee Maker
Source: comunicaffe.com

Currently, Xiaomi is present almost in all of the segments. In the home appliance segment, Xiaomi sells rice-cookers and now they have also introduced the coffee machine.

Specifications in Detail

Ningbo Heart Technology Co. Ltd has built the Scishare Coffee Maker. The dimensions of this machine are 340x100x260mm. 19-bar electromagnetic pump with a power rating of 1200W powers the machine enabling it to prepare coffee in just a minute. The machine also offers great efficiency. It has an amazing feature in which the machine turns itself off automatically after 15 minutes of idle time.

That the machine has all the essential coffee-machine features. A few of these features are coffee flow control, power integration next to the extraction button, LED lights that glow according to the direction of flow among others.

Xiaomi Scishare Coffee Maker
Source: gadgets.ndtv.com

The machine can process the coffee beans according to individual needs. This gives more flexibility as we all know how choosy one can be when it comes to coffee!

You won’t believe it, but the Scishare Coffee Maker marks Xiaomi’s 67th product in-home products segment. Recently, Xiaomi also introduced its alternative to ukulele – a four-stringed music instrument – Mi Populele.

All we can do is wait to see how marvelous and giant this company grows and what it has to offer! Stay tuned to get the freshest tech news first!


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