Netflix’s You: New characters joining the show for the third installment

Fans are eagerly waiting for the creepy-stalker, Joe Goldberg, and his love interest to appear on screen. Little did they know exciting new faces are joining the clan! The streaming platform revealed a couple of names that will be appearing in You season 3. And the list of new additions is long. These new additions are bound to bring more spice to the story!! 

Progress in storyline of You

Joe and Love are about to be parents, and the fans are all over it. There is still no pattern of how their relationship goes as “You” is not very typical. The climax of season 2 left everyone in wonder as to who Joe Goldberg will victimize next. With brand new faces in the picture, it could be any one of these. Previously, it was more of a loner game for Joe, but now he has an equally crazy partner to support him in his insanity.

Here’s the complete list of additions to the show:

The List:

  1. Michaela McManus – Natalie: Jules from The Vampire Diaries is set to come back on screen with her character Natalie as Joe’s neighbor.
  2. Shalita Grant – Sherry: Sherry is a character that enters the scene in the suburbs where Joe and Love decide         to live after leaving L.A. Actress Shalita Grant will portray a new name that will be               relatively close to Love. She plays a woman called Sherry, who will pretend to welcome       the pregnant lady into her wealthy and elitist social circle. In reality, viewers will realize       that this “momfluencer’s” main goal is to put on an act for her social media followers           while she fakes most of her relationships.
  3.  Travis Van Winkle-Cary: A wealthy, attractive chum to Joe, Cary plays the character of Travis Van Winkle. Travis will be a regular to the show, which runs his own supplement company. There’s a lot more than looks for this heart-throb to offer.
  4. Dylan Arnold – Theo: A brilliant college student with stepdad issues, Theo is a new face to “You.” His troubled past and unstable personality drive him to drugs and lethal business.
  5. Tati Gabrielle – Marienne: You might know her from The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Marianne will be a “smart, no-nonsense librarian who lives in Joe & Love’s neighborhood and doesn’t let much get by her.”
  6. Ben Mehl – Dante: Fans speculate a relationship between Dante and Marienne as they both work in the library. This character is a family man and a veteran whose eyesight has been damaged. He has a husband and two stepchildren, and his biggest dream is to expand his family. And while he doesn’t seem to have a huge role, his storyline is intriguing.
  7. Scott Speedman – Matthew: Matthew is a successful CEO who has family issues as a not-so loving husband and father. A quiet and mysterious man, he tends to prefer to be alone with his thoughts and mask his real intentions. However, knowing Joe and his need to project insecurities onto mysterious characters, Matthew’s true feelings will be forced to come to the surface during the show at some point.
  8. Shannon Chan-Keny –Kiki: A wife, mother, and a life coach, Kiki is happier with more superficial things in life. She prefers a high-society lifestyle with mid-day fitness classes and gossip sessions at cafes. Being wife to a self-made millionaire (Brandon), one expects to be the high-profile gossip girl!
  9. Christopher Sean-Brandon: As Brandon, Sean will portray a modern dad who stays at home with his kids after having made a fortune while being a tech investor in his 20s
  10. Jack Fisher- Young Joe: One of the most exciting castings is Jack Fisher, as he will portray the lead Joe Goldberg and his childhood. The trauma, the brutality that made Joe who he is!