Young Sheldon: Big Bang Theory Reunion Coming Up! More Future Plans Revealed

A surprise Shamy reunion has just been pulled out by Young Sheldon. In the premiere of the fourth season of the series on Thursday, Jim Parsons was reunited with Mayim Bialik. Mayim reprised her role in The Big Bang Theory as Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler, Sheldon’s wife, in a voiceover as the Cooper family gathered in the backyard to commemorate the graduation of Sheldon from high school.

As well as the graduation of twin sister Missy from sixth grade. Sheldon, the Narrator, who is voiced by Parsons, said that it was the best graduation party he had been to until they had one for his son, Leonard Cooper.

Young Sheldon
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He revealed that he wanted his name to be Leonard Nimoy Cooper, but Amy would not let him. That is when Bialik chimed in as the better half of Sheldon and said be lucky she let name him Leonard. Before the episode cut to black, the exchange of I love you’s followed.

Young Sheldon: Big Bang Theory Reunion Coming Up

When asked about when did Steve Molaro, co-creator, come up with the idea to reunite Sheldon and Amy in this capacity, he said going through the script again that he wanted to add in a joke that he had been thinking about for a very long time, that Young Sheldon might want to name his son Leonard, and give him the middle name Nimoy.

He added that would not it be nice to hear Amy saying, just be glad she let you name him Leonard? and he thought that there are no rules on narration. Let us put it in and see if Mayim will be doing it. He gave Mayim a call, and she was happy to do it, and she thought it was really fun.

When asked whether the new protocols will impact how often we see some of the recurring characters of the show, like Craig T. Nelson‘s Dale, who has reconciled with Connie in the premiere, and Wallace’s Dr. Sturgis, who teaches at East Texas Tech or not, he said, it will be affecting Dr. Sturgis. Craig T. is here in Los Angeles and is in a number of upcoming episodes.

Young Sheldon
Image Source – Entertainment Tonight

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Wallace Shawn is based in New York and he will be in upcoming episodes, filming pieces in New York to mesh into the show. He’ll be back a little bit later in the season, but it does present a challenge.

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