Your Honor Episode 2 Ending, Explained. What Could Happen Next

Your Honor is an American mini-series featuring Bryan Cranston. It is an adaptation of the Israeli TV series Kvodo. It released on December 6, 2020.

Bryan Cranston portrays Michael Desiato, a father, who will do everthing humanly possible to save his son, Adam, after his involvement in a hit and run kills the son of a powerful mobster, Jimmy Baxter. In episode 2, we realize how Michael plans to handle the situation. Although it seems plausible in theory, his actions actually have rather far-reaching consequences. We won’t delay anymore and head on over to the explanation of the ending. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Your Honor Episode 2 Recap

Michael asks Charlie to throw away Robin’s car, which was involved in the accident. This task is assigned to Kofi by his gang mate. Later, Adam and his father reach a coffee shop where the judge discusses an old case with the waitress. They then drive to the cemetery, and Michael pulls a fast one on the beggar sitting at the gate. Essentially, Michael plots to illusionise people’s memories and make it seem as though “today is yesterday.”

The visit to Robin’s grave is also done only to ensure Adam’s alibi. Then, during a conversation between Detective Nancy Costello and the judge, we realize that Robin was actually killed in a robbery gone wrong. Michael also narrates an elaborate story about how the car was stolen when the detective asks him if everything is okay. Nancy assures that they will find it. On the other side of town, cops pull Kofi over as he probably runs a red light.

The Car That Was Used In Hit And Run

Although they arrest him and take him to the station, he is able to convince and make a way out until Cusack stops him. Baxter is desperately looking for the man who murdered his son. Frankie informs him that there was Rocco’s blood on the inhaler (that belongs to Adam). Other then that, they are also investigating for any DNA evidence. At the impound, when the cop drives Adam’s car out, a piece of Rocco’s vehicle falls from the Volvo, indicating that this car was used in the hit and run.

The car is then kept in custody and a cop escorts Michael home. After he leaves, Adam and the father talk about the details of the case one more time. The judge even inquires him about the inhaler. All this time, Kofi is being ill-treated by the cops. He has been taken to a secluded place and is even cuffed to a radiator.

Your Honor Episode 2 Ending

Kofi is questioned about the location of the phone, but he is blank. So the corrupt cops put him in a car and fill it up with gas. The suspect passes out. Nancy calls the Desiato residence and leaves the information of the car “thief” with Adam, who then lets Michael know that they dressed up an innocent man for their crimes. Additionally, officials even enter Kofi’s mother’s house in search of the phone. Lee returns to town and goes to meet the judge. Michael asks her out for a glass of wine, and she agrees.

Your Honor is an adaptation of the Israeli TV series Kvodo. Image:

In prison, Little Mo talks to Kofi and tells him to take the fall. He assures that the gang will take care of his mother and family. So that’s exactly what he does the next day at his court hearing – Kofi accepts that he is guilty in the hit and run case. When this happens, Michael and Adam are present in court. Later, Kofi’s mother even requests the judge to help save her son, but he refuses since he cannot do anything.

Thereafter, Baxter’s right-hand man thinks in negation and calls it an intentional hit. Rudy calls up Charlie and tells him that they’re safe since Kofi has pleaded guilty. Even though Michael wants to protect his son, he also doesn’t want an innocent man to be wrongly punished. He asks Lee to help Kofi out, and she unwillingly agrees. He then goes to the courtroom, where he finds a very shattered Adam standing.

The Possibility of a Gang War

In the starting, Michael has a clear aim– to dispose off his deceased wife’s Volvo that was involved in the accident. To achieve this, he approaches Charlie, who himself is a mayoral candidate. Naturally, the judge doesn’t disclose the real reason behind why he wants to get rid of the car. Charlie thinks it’s for Robin’s death and the judge goes with it. Following this, Michael thinks that the situation is taken care of.

However, in the end, it is found that to complete the task at hand, Charlie had reached out to a cop, Rudy (the acting lieutenant). The latter likely gets in touch with the gang, who further employ Kofi to steal the car. As the events of the episode uncover, the innocent Kofi ends up being framed because of corruption and threats. As such, the entire theory of a hit and run is terminated. This is why Frankie, who is close to the crime boss, states that Rocco’s accident wasn’t simply an accident.

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Was It An Intentional Hit?

It was an intentional hit, indicating that there is an entire conspiracy behind the “operation.” Even though Jimmy believes that his son’s culprit has been found, he is still not at peace. He even declares that he will “clean this city up.” Evidently, the threat of gang war looms in the air. This will have the Desire gang and Jimmy Baxter’s men opposite each other. It is mere luck that Adam is safe from the blame for the crime.

However, in trying to save his own son, Michael may just end up striking a war that will harm human life and other resources. After all, if Jimmy thinks that his son was intentionally killed, he would pull all stops to get justice. It’s almost ironic that Michael’s actions (which also stem from the love he has for Adam) may lead the gang war, which could have been prevented if only Adam had confessed.

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