Yūenchi: Baki Gaiden, A Side Story Of Baki Manga Comes To An End

A side story light novel series Yūenchi: Baki Gaiden from the Baki Franchise will soon end in the upcoming issue of Akita Shoten’s Weekly Shonen Champion.

Yūenchi: Baki Gaiden:

Weekly, Shonen Champion announced in the last 47th issue that Yūenchi: Baki Gaiden will soon end. The story will conclude on October 28 in the 48th issue of the Magazine. Also known as Amusement Park: Baki Side Story, Yūenchi: Baki Gaiden started its serialization in 2018 in Shounen Champion. Keisuke Itagaki and Baku Yumemakura have written this side story novel. Whereas Yuria Fujita is the illustrator. It has a total of 4 chapters.

Plot Of Yūenchi: Baki Gaiden:

Set in the same world as Baki Hanma, this novel series happens in an Amusement Park. Mumon Katsuragi, the older brother of Katsumi, is the protagonist of this side story. To solve the mystery of his mentor and master Taizan Matsumoto’s death. Mumon travels to this Amusement Park to find the killer. However, this Amusement Park is a place where life is cheaper, and money is everything—now following the trails left by the killer, Mumon tracks down the killer in an ultimate dangerous fighting arena.

Baki The Grappler:

Keisuke Itagaki has written the manga series Baki The Grappler. With serialization from 1991 to 1999, a total of 143 volumes have collected all the manga chapters. This manga was serialized in Weekly Shonen Champion. Baki The Grappler manga franchise is divided into five parts Grappler Baki with 42 volumes, Baki with 31 volumes, Baki Hanma consisting of 37 volumes, Baki-Dou with 22 volumes, and at last Bakidou having a total of 10 volumes.

Baki Hanma
Baki Hanma
Image: Netflix

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Baki Anime:

A TMS Entertainment’s production Baki Hanma debuted on September 30. The series consists of 12 episodes, and all of them are available on Netflix. It’s the third series in the anime franchise and a successor of the Baki: Dai Raitaisai-hen series.

Plot Of The Anime Baki:

Baki Hanma unveils the story with a clash between a father and son. However, things get interesting when we see that the father is the strongest creature on earthBaki Hanma vs. his father, Yujiro Hanma. The anime Baki depicts how a brawl between this duo goes when Baki matches his father’s level. This duel will be the clash of the strongest.

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